Ph.D. Student - Frequently Asked Questions

A student's mailing address can be updated through the student's MyMav student account.

To remain in good standing, students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA in all UTA coursework taken after admission to the program and in all courses on their Program of Study. Students whose GPA falls below a 3.25 will be placed on academic probation. Students who do not meet the terms of the academic probation will be dropped from the program. 

Grades of D and F will count toward the overall grade point average, but will not be considered successful fulfillment of a course appropriate to a field. Another course, as determined by the Supervisory Committee, will have to be taken if a student receives a grade other than A, B, C, or P. Any student who receives three grades of "C" or lower in any courses will not be permitted to continue in the program.

Students are admitted to a Ph.D. program in a particular field of study, and admission to one field of study does not guarantee admission to another field of study. A student who wishes to change their field of study will need to seek admission to study for a Ph.D. in the desired area. To inquire about admission to the new area, the student should contact the Major Field Coordinator for that area. To apply for admission to the new area, the student will need to complete a Change of Program form with the Office of Graduate Studies.


The Leave of Absence form must be completed and submitted to the Ph.D. Coordinator for the Director's signature. Requests must be received by the Dean of Graduate Studies no later than mid-semester in the semester in which the leave is to begin. A Leave of Absence will be granted only for good cause, such as health-related issues, major financial or employment issues, pregnancy, childbirth, child care, elder care or other significant family concerns, and other major personal circumstances that interfere with a student's ability to undertake graduate study. Leaves are granted for up to two long semesters. Summer semesters do not count as part of a student's approved leave. Students returning from leave as scheduled will be automatically readmitted and will not be required to submit an application or pay any application fees. Students who do not return at the end of their approved Leave of Absence must reapply for admission by published application deadlines, pay all relevant evaluation fees, and are not assured readmission.


To withdraw from the University, the student must be in good academic standing. If the student wishes to withdraw (resign) voluntarily from the University, they may do so by withdrawing from all courses by the drop date deadline as outlined in the Graduate Calendar. After this date, the student will not be permitted to withdraw or drop courses. In an exceptional case, the student may withdraw after the 12th week of class by completing a Petition to Withdraw form and submitting it to the Ph.D. Coordinator. If the petition is not approved, the student will be responsible for all coursework requirements.


The Petition of Reinstatement is available online. It must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Faculty explaining your circumstances and why you believe you should be reinstated. Please be sure to print a copy of your Petition of Reinstatement for your own records prior to sending the form electronically.


The Petition form is available online. It must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Faculty explaining the circumstances as to why you believe you should be granted an extension.


Yes. In some cases, financial aid issues may require a student to take a minimum of five hours. In this case, BSAD 6699 (or BSAD 6999) must be taken in the final semester.