Coronavirus Resources

APS Form Alternative Approval Process

As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are paper processes that we need to modify for this period to sustain business continuity. In order to achieve this, UTA is issuing the modified approval process.

Authorization of Professional Services: The Authorization of Professional Services (APS) forms 1-8A and 1-8B will continue to be the documentation for payment to our contracted professional service individuals. The process remains the same for the service provider. The service provider is to complete, sign and submit to their hiring department. Once the department receives and reviews the APS form, they can submit as normal or do the following due to temporary remote working conditions of coronavirus:

  1. Attach the service providers completed and signed document to a UTA email account. Send the email to the appropriate approver. The approver can forward the email with attachment via their UTA email account only to for The approver must include the statement of certification, which is stated on the APS form. See certification statement examples below.
  2. Form 1-8A example:
    1. Grants or Contracts Certification for GCS and Principal Investigator: The Service complies with granting agency policies and procedures. The services provided by this person are:
      1. essential
      2. a selection process based on expertise and ability has been employed and this provider is the most qualified available
      3. the fee is reasonable, considering the nature and extent of the service required
      4. proper documentation is on file to support these standards
      5. is the provider/contractor specifically named and approved in the grant/contract proposal? Yes/No (only indicate Y/N as appropriate)
    2. Approval by dean, vice president, or president is: “I approve the payment to (name of service provide) for services delivered."
  1. Form 1-8B example of UTA Representative’s statement:

I certify as the UTA representative that:

  1. Payments from UT Arlington to service provider will be less than $600 for the current calendar year.
  2. Service provider is not an employee or relative of a UT Arlington employee.
  3. Service provider meets all the qualifications of an independent contractor.
  4. Service has been completed and provider is entitled to payment.
  5. Service provider is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.