Coronavirus Resources

Alternative Approval Methodology for Business Affairs Forms

As we continue to work with temporary changes due to COVID-19, we are temporarily accepting an alternative methodology for obtaining signatures for approval.

The following information does not apply to timekeeping.  We have provided specific instructions regarding timekeeping.  Please see the Timesheet instructions.

For all other forms/approvals, if you are unable to obtain physical signatures or electronic Adobe signatures, at this time, on any Business Affairs forms, please use the following submission method using your UTA email only:

  1. Employees should email the form to the level review/approver. Include in the email the following statement: “I CERTIFY THAT THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE ATTACHED BF-XXX-X## FORM IS TRUE, CORRECT, AND ACCURATELY REFLECTS DATA RELATED TO UTA’S BUSINESS OPERATIONS”
  2. In addition to reviewing the form for accuracy, next level reviewer/approver should review and ensure that the email was sent from their employee’s UTA email account and contains the above certification.
  3. After reviewing, the reviewer/approver should forward the email to the departmental process or Business Affairs personnel or generic email and include the following statement: “I HAVE REVIEWED AND APPROVED THE INFORMATION IN THE ATTACHED (NAME OF FORM) AND CERTIFY IT IS CORRECT, COMPLETE, AND ACCURATELY REFLECTS THE DATA NECESSARY FOR UTA BUSINESS OPERATIONS.”