Coronavirus Resources

COVID-19 Cost Center Process

Dear UTA Administrators,

As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential that we capture costs associated with this effort.  In order to achieve this, UTA is issuing the following guidance:

COVID-19 Cost Center Process

UTA is establishing Cost Centers to track expenses directly related to the COVID-19 virus. These cost centers are to be used only for expenses related to COVID-19 and MAY NOT be used for normal operating expenses.

Cost centers have been created at the VP, Provost and Dean level. Expenses charged are to be approved at this level only.

Budget will be established on the A4000 budget account line in order to process transactions without receiving budget transaction errors. In the event the funds provided are not enough, please contact John Davidson, or Ginnie Cary, to request additional budget funds.

Although budget has been established on A4000 M&O line, you may have expenditures related to wages or overtime. These should also be charged to the new COVID-19 cost center for your unit.

All expense documentation for potential future reimbursement to the University (i.e., FEMA, State of Texas) must be complete, accurate and readily available to send to the budget office upon request. Original Itemized receipts are required. Expenses for which documentation is not provided will become direct expenses to the department.

Once normal operations resume, remaining budget balances will be transferred by the budget office back to the originating university reserve cost center. 

If a new cost center is needed, please complete BF-AS-F10 form, Request for New Cost Center, include approval from the respective VP, and email the form to If there are COVID-19 expenses already charged to a department cost center, email correction requests to to move those expenses to the new cost center.  Approval will need to be obtained from the appropriate VP, Dean or Provost. 

Costs to be captured

If you are incurring any costs directly related to COVID-19, please document and track the following:

  • Overtime specifically related to activities for COVID-19   must be separately reported in the department’s timesheet.  We recommend you use the UTA Employee Timesheet or modify your timesheet if you have COVID 19 time to report. Timesheets must reflect all hours worked. Any hours worked related to COVID 19 outbreak must be separately identified (noted) on your timesheet in the COVID 19 column. Note: this column is informational and a subset of your total hours worked.  Additionally, ensure your employees are aware that working remotely during this time is not considered COVID 19 time for this special reporting purpose.
  • Straight time and overtime for unbudgeted individuals or those reassigned to work specifically on COVID-19 activities will need to follow the same separate reporting requirement instructions above.
  • Technology needed to allow for telecommuting 
    • Equipment purchases to put on-campus classes online 
    • Software purchases to put on-campus classes online 
    • Laptops/computers needed for telecommuting 
    • NOTE: Computing equipment (desktops/laptops) must still comply with University standards.  All potential ProCard purchases must be reviewed by OIT.  This will be done by submitting a request to the Business Affairs Exception Tracker. The subject will be “Purchase of Computers (ProCard)”. All other purchases will be secured by submitting a requisition in UTShare. No reimbursements will be made to individuals who purchase computing equipment.
    • Monitors for the above devices 
    • Wi-Fi adaptors, as needed 
    • Printers, if necessary, to purchase for home use  
    • Other needed supplies related to technology (power strips, cords, etc.) 
  • Supplies 
    • Costs associated with set up of home workspace 
    • NOTE:  Costs incurred for ongoing operating supplies (paper, pens, etc.) are part of normal operating cost covered by departments budget available and will not be covered with the special COVID – 19 cost centers. These costs can be reimbursed to individuals who paid out of pocket from departments’ normal budgets through the normal expense report process.
  • Losses for scheduled travel 
    • Cancellation fees  
    • Change fees – Airfare change fees associated with canceled/unused tickets being used for future University travel. An accounting correction will be required. 
    • Rebooking fees 
    • Conference fees not reimbursed 
    • Hotel charges due to cancellations 
  • Costs associated with recall of faculty, staff and students from all travel 
    • Reasonable expenses incurred during the recall process 
  • Other cost 
    • If other costs are incurred directly related to COVID-19, please work with budget office to determine allowability.    

ProCard Usage

Several changes have been made for the use of ProCards. Please note these updates are temporary and are in effect immediately.

  • Off campus shipments 
    • Off campus shipments are approved; an exception request is not required
    • Please note that items received at home are property of UTA, and the individual receiving the item is the custodian and will be held responsible for the item in question.
  • Spending Limit Increase Requests
    • If a cardholder requires a monthly limit or single limit increase, submit a request using the Business Affairs Exception Tracker
    • Appropriate Conduct and Compliance with the ProCard Procedure (BF-PGC-PR12) must be followed.
    • Handling Emergency Purchases Appropriately – Note: should an emergency arise, please reach out to so we may advise accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and hard work during this challenging time. We will continue to perform at the highest levels and serve our students with the same level of excellent service that UTA is known for.


Kelly Davis