Coronavirus Resources

Reconciliation of Financial Statements

As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, all assigned personnel must continue to reconcile the monthly financial statements in a timely manner.

The deadline for January financial statements has been extended to April 7, 2020.

Accounting Period 6 (February 2020) is now closed. The February financial statements can now be generated. The February statements must be reconciled and reviewed by April 30, 2020. 

If you choose, you may continue to reconcile as you have in the past. We recognize this may require some staff to return to campus to obtain documents or print reports. 

Alternative Reconciliation Process

We also recommend you consider the following process as an alternative for reviewing supporting documentation when comparing the financial statements to departmental records:

You can use BTS Training and Support training materials on how to view source documents in UTShare. Please see the navigation path below:

1-BTS Training and Support > UTShare Financial > Financial Statements> Tools for Reconciling Financial Statement.

  • Pages 3-5 details how to view source documents in UTShare for:
    • Journals (General Ledger)
    • Vouchers
    • Expense Reports
    • ProCard Statement
    • Budget Transfers
    • Budget Journals
  • Pages 16-26 Reconciling Payroll transactions using the Payroll Analysis Report and the Salary by Cost Center\Project Reports.
  • Pages 27-29 details how to view Commitment Control Activity log and Budget Details.

Tools for viewing ProCard attachments/receipts for transactions that have been reconciled and paid

Navigation Path: Main Menu > Purchasing > Purchasing Cards > Reconcile > Reconcile Statement 

  1. On the Reconcile Statement Search Screen, enter the cardholder’s employee ID in the “Employee ID” field. In the “Statement Status”, select the status of “Closed.”  In the “Transaction Date” fields, enter the ranges of transactions dates you’d like to review.  In the “Rows per Page” field, enter 99999.
    screen 1
  2. On the Reconcile Statement Screen, to the right of each transaction there is a word bubble icon. Click on that icon.
    screen 2
  3. On the Line Comments page, the name of the document will be towards the bottom and the “View” button will be active. Click on the “View” button to download the attachment.
    screen 3

Alternative for Reconciler and Approver Signature

An alternative to handwritten signatures is to use the Cost Center and Project Statements Reconciliation and Acknowledgement  form (BF-AS-F9) and the use of UTA email accounts.

The Reconciler completes the form and emails the form (from Reconciler’s UTA email account) to the Department Head’s UTA email account stating that all cost centers and projects listed on the form have been reconciled and are ready for Dept. Head approval. After the Dept. Head has reviewed the financial statements and the Reconciliation and Acknowledgement form, they would send from their UTA email a statement to the Reconciler confirming review and approval of the financial statement reconciliations. The Reconciler will retain the email and the Reconciliation and Acknowledgement form in departmental records as support for their signatures.