Coronavirus Response

Telecommuting FAQs

May I work from home while I am under self-isolation?

Yes, please coordinate your self-isolation period with your supervisor. If you are unable to work from home, other options while you are away are: Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave & Emergency Family and Medical Leave; utilize your sick, vacation, and compensatory time available; or request UTA Emergency Leave through your supervisor.

My supervisor says that my job does not allow me to work from home. I do not want to use my personal leave. Do I have to?

No, you may apply for Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave & Emergency Family and Medical Leave. If you exhaust your options under that leave program, then you will need to utilize your sick, vacation, and compensatory time in order to remain in a paid status. UTA Emergency Leave is available only if you exhaust all of your personal leave.

I enjoy working from home and am very productive. May I continue working from home after my self-isolation period?

Talk to your supervisor to see if this type of arrangement will be feasible after your self-isolation period.

My job is not an office job. What are my options?

You may utilize your sick, vacation, and compensatory time available, or you may go on unpaid leave.

What paperwork do my supervisor and I need to complete for telecommuting?

Supervisors will provide the Provost or VP of Human Resources a list of employees working from home.

What would be my hours of work?

You should adhere to your normal work schedule, as if you were in the office, unless instructed otherwise by your supervisor. 

Will my compensation and benefits be impacted while I work from home?


Can I change my total hours of work while I work from home?


While I am working from home, am I eligible to earn overtime or comp time?

As we are on a business continuity normal operations approach, current overtime procedures must be followed. The employee must obtain prior approval, from an employee’s department head/supervisor, before overtime may be worked. The department head / supervisor should ensure overtime is preapproved, well documented and reflected correctly on the employee’s timesheet.

Can I work from home in the event that my children’s school closes because of the Coronavirus concerns?

Yes – During these challenging times, you may work from home if your supervisor has approved.

If primary/secondary schools and/or childcare centers close, can employees who are parents or caregivers take time off from work to care for family members impacted by the school closure?

Yes - The employee should coordinate their work from home arrangement with their supervisor.

What if I am hurt while I am working from home?

An employee working from home who sustains a work-related injury must notify the supervisor immediately and complete all requested documents regarding the injury. 

What if I do not have UTA laptop equipment; can I work from home using my personal hardware/software?

Yes, but first please talk to your supervisor about arranging the use of University equipment, if available.

If I work from home, are there any rules for using UTA equipment?

Data security is very important at UTA. Consequently,  

  • The employee must abide by all University policies and guidelines for standards and ethics and strictly adhere to policies regarding the use of state property, including the use of servers and firewalls for data protection.  
  • Employee is responsible for ensuring the safety and integrity of data and software used at the remote site.  
  • The equipment is to be used only for business purposes. 
  • Employee must run current anti-virus software at all times.  
  • The employee agrees to prevent unauthorized viewing or use of all information resources by non-employees.  
  • A password protected screen saver must be used at all times on the remote computer.  
  • The employee is required to use a surge protector to protect university-owned computer equipment from electrical spikes.  
  • When equipment is used at a remote workplace, the employee is financially responsible for that equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged because of that employee's negligence, misuse or abuse.  
  • Property removal procedures must be followed.  
  • If a problem arises relating to the telephone or Internet Service Provider, the employee will contact and obtain support from their service provider. Payment for repairs is the responsibility of the subscriber of the service.  
  • Employees are required to follow all information security rules, copyright laws and manufacturer licensing agreements of The University of Texas at Arlington.  

Software may not be duplicated except as allowed under law or licensing agreements.

If I am a student worker, will I be allowed to work remotely?

Yes, if your supervisor has work to assign.

If I am a student worker that is available to work but not assigned task, will I get paid?

If you started working prior to March 16th, yes.

Who does a student worker consult if they have questions?

All questions should be directed to your supervisor.

  • See the UTA Remote site for more details and tips on working remotely.