Coronavirus Resources


Employees must continue to follow their departmental procedures for completing timesheets, entering work, and/or leave time while working from home or the office. We recommend you use the UTA Employee Timesheet or similarly modify your timesheet if you have COVID 19 time to report. Timesheets must reflect all hours worked.

Any hours worked related to the COVID-19 outbreak must be separately identified (noted) on your timesheet in the COVID-19 column. Note: this column is informational and a subset of your total hours worked. Working from home is not considered a work duty related to COVID-19.

If you are unable to obtain physical signatures on your timesheet, please use the following submission method using you UTA email:

    1. Employees should email their timesheet to their supervisors.  Include in the email the following statement: “I CERTIFY THAT THIS IS A CORRECT AND A COMPLETE RECORD OF THE HOURS WORKED THIS PAY PERIOD.”
    2. In addition to reviewing time for accuracy, supervisors should review and ensure that the email was sent from their employee’s UTA email account and contains the above certification.
    3. After reviewing, supervisors should forward the email to the departmental Timekeeper and include the following statement: “I HAVE REVIEWED AND APPROVED THE EMPLOYEE’S TIME AND CERTIFY IT IS CORRECT AND A COMPLETE RECORD OF THE HOURS WORKED THIS PAY PERIOD.”
    4. Timekeepers should review timesheets submitted to them and ensure it was sent from the supervisor’s UTA email account.