Outstanding Maverick Awards FAQ

Service Audience:
  • Current Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Faculty
Employees can be nominated by their peers, supervisor, faculty members or students. The nominator must complete the Outstanding Maverick Award nomination form for the individual and submit to the Outstanding Maverick Selection Committee for consideration.
No. However, nominees usually have excelled in at least two of the four award criteria and have performed at a level above and beyond their normal job requirements.
Yes, if you meet all of the other criteria, you may nominate yourself for the Outstanding Maverick Award.
Winners will be selected based on the nomination form as well as a brief personal interview. A selection committee of past awardees will determine the strongest candidates from the information provided.
A team consists of between 2 to 10 people. A team can consist of multiple persons working interdepartmentally or across departments working together to achieve a common goal.
The $1,000 cash award will be distributed equally among the team's members.
In order to be eligible for the Outstanding Maverick Award, the employee must have been continuously working in a 50%-100% position for a period of 2 years.
No, this award is only for benefits eligible staff members appointed between 50% and 100%. Student employees can be nominated for a similar, student-oriented award, the Outstanding Student Award.
No, Employees wishing to receive the Outstanding Maverick Award must not have received either award within the last 5 years.
There are 8 individual awards and 1 team award given each year which includes a cash prize of $1,000 and a dinner hosted by the President. Eligible staff members up to the Director level can receive the awards, though there is no limitation on the classification of the employee's position.
Yes, if you are a recipient of this award, the monetary award will be reported on your W-2 as additional income and therefore will be subject to all applicable taxes.

For questions about the Maverick Award nomination process, eligibility or nomination criteria, or the Outstanding Maverick Award, please contact the Office of Human Resources or 817-272-5554.