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Service Audience:
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The Learning and Development area of Human Resources is committed to serving the needs of the University of Texas at Arlington faculty and staff community by offering a variety of management and professional development opportunities that foster continuous learning and align with the strategic goals of the university.

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Connect, Learn, & Grow Together

The Human Resources Learning & Development Team offers professional development programs to meet the needs of UTA’s faculty and staff, helping to maximize individual and team potential.
Our primary goal is to cultivate an organizational culture that promotes employee engagement and lifelong learning.

Our resources & services include:
a. Self-directed online learning
b. Classroom/virtual instructor-led training
c. Customized learning and development solutions
d. Consulting services
b. Support Specialist Certification

General Enrollment Courses

You can customize your own professional development by choosing general enrollment courses from any of the following categories. View the list of scheduled learning opportunities and register for one that meets your needs.

• Business Communications
• Leadership and Management Development
• Support Staff Certification Series
• Remote Working Series
• New Employee Experience
• Organizational Development
• Personal Enrichment


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Leaders at UTA play a critical role in advancing the University's mission and shaping its future. To ensure our leaders are prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead, we promote lifelong learning and offer development programs for every stage of leadership.

MavsManager Foundations Program
This program is for those who are new to a manager role at UTA, whether recently hired or internally promoted into a people management position. The program provides UTA managers with knowledge and best practices to manage people, UTA specific HR processes, and operations. Participants will complete eight virtual instructor-led sessions over the course of the program.

Program Goals
• Provide managers with tools and knowledge they need to begin their role at UTA.
• Help new and existing managers to understand the University’s policies and procedures.
• Develop an awareness of the resources that are available for a smooth transition to a manager.
• Create networking opportunities and support for new managers across the University.

Selection Criteria
• Currently manage one or more non-student employees

MavsLeadership Excellence Program
A 3-month program that offers directors/mid-managers from across the university an opportunity to strengthen their leadership performance. This program offers an interactive learning environment with engaging discussions and practical applications of critical leadership practices. All sessions focus on three areas – leading self, leading people, and leading tasks/results.

Program Goals:
• Strengthen mid-level leadership performance across the university
• Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity to build networks
• Develop a broader leadership skillset and mindset

Selection Criteria
• Have been in a director level leadership role at UTA for one continuous year
• Not currently on a corrective action plan
• Currently manage one or more non-student employees


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The Office of Human Resources partners with the Staff Advisory Council and other University subject matter experts to provide administrative staff with targeting programming specific to their role. The program requires the completion of five courses and graduates are recognized at the annual Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon held in April of each year.

The Support Staff Certification Series I and II are offered in alternating years through an application process.

Support Staff Certification Series I (SSC I)
Sessions offered through the SSC I program:

• Business Etiquette
• Emotional Intelligence
• Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel
• Critical Thinking Skills
• Balancing Priorities

Support Staff Certification Series II (SSC II)
Sessions offered through the SSC II program:

• How to Resolve Competing Priorities
• New and Useful Features in Microsoft Teams
• OneDrive and SharePoint: What to Use and When
• Leadership in Action

• The Basics of Style: How Personality Shapes Communication


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