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  • New Employee


On or before your first day of employment you will complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 at the following link:  Complete and Submit Form Portion of the I-9.  You will then need to complete Section 2, I-9 document verification, in person.  Section 2 of the I-9 must be completed no later than the third business day of employment.

To complete this process, we are requiring employees to set an appointment to come in to complete I-9 verification.  To set the appointment go to Registration for Paperwork Sessions.  The schedule and location can be found at that website as well. We are currently unable to see customers without an appointment. 

When you attend this appointment:

  • we need attendees to arrive promptly at their scheduled time
  • bring required documents for I-9 verification

To your appointment, you will need to bring acceptable documents to complete the I-9 verification processing.  All verification documents must be original and unexpired.  

Employees that reside outside of the area and will be working remotely may complete the I-9 verification with a notary public in their area or with another UT System Institution. Please contact hrdocs@uta.edu to receive the forms that the employee will need to complete this process.

Helpful Information for New Employees:

Acceptable Documents for I-9 Verification

Instructions for Completing Your I-9

1. Why do I need to complete an I-9 for employment at UTA?
a. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) requires that the I-9 is completed by both employer and employee for each individual hired to work in the United States; this includes citizens and noncitizens.

2. How long do I have to complete my I-9 verification?
a. The form portion of the I-9 must be completed before attending the paperwork sessions and at least by the end of the first day of employment at https://secure.i9express.com/preauthenticated/LoginCaptcha.ascx?Employer=18567. USCIS allows three business days to complete the verification. To complete the verification, you will attend a New Employee Paperwork Session. More information on session dates and availability is posted above.

3. What documents can I use to complete the verification portion of the I-9?
a. Information on acceptable documents can be found at https://www.uscis.govi-9-central/acceptable-documents. Documents used for the I-9 must be original and cannot be expired.

4. Can I use a copy of my social security card to complete I-9 verification?
a. No, USCIS requires that employer view the original document to complete the I-9.

5. I worked last spring, but I am moving to another department in fall. Do I need to complete another I-9?
a. Employees who have a break in service longer than 1 year are required to complete a new I-9. If your break was less than 1 year, you are not required to complete a new form.

6. I am an international student and do not have a social security number yet. Can I complete my I-9?
a. As with any other employee, once you have been offered employment and have completed all other pre-employment requirements, you can complete an I-9 with documents from the acceptable document list. When completing the actual form, you will select “ssn applied” instead of entering your number.

7. I have acceptable documents, but they are currently with a family member out of the state. Can I begin working?
a. I-9 verification must be completed within three business days of the start of your employment. If you can obtain the document before your third day of employment and attend the paperwork session to present the document, you are able to start. If you are not, you should speak with your department to explain that you are not ready to start employment yet.

Have Questions?
Contact us at hrdocs@uta.edu.