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Welcome to the University of Texas at Arlington! We are excited that you have decided to join our team of Maverick employees. To create a smooth start to your career at UTA, the information below provides details to support your onboarding. You’ll find that UTA provides outstanding employee benefits, The UTA environment is ripe with opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Our outstanding employee benefits, welcoming atmosphere, and dynamic and diverse faculty and staff are waiting for you on your first day.

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (817) 272-5554 or hrdocs@uta.edu. Again, welcome to the UTA Family. We are glad you are here!


In the "New Employee Experience," New Maverick employees learn about the University’s culture, mission and values in this three-hour class as they start their career at UTA.
Attendees will learn about:
• UTA history, leadership, campus structure.
• UTA Mission Statement, Strategic Goals Mission and Principles of Community
• Campus resources and partners such as the Campus Library Services, Information Technologies team, Compliance standards, and Title IX compliance.
• Enrollment into the New Employee Experience MS Team for ongoing questions and support.

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Onboarding for new employees doesn’t end with the Orientation class. UTA has developed the Discovery Series of Classes to provide more detailed information and continued support for new Mavericks. These classes include:

Higher Education 101: Especially designed for new employees who have not previously worked in higher education. Reviews and explains UTA’s structure along with the differences a university and a corporate environment.
Principles of Community: Understanding UTA’s core values and the actions that support the Mission and Strategic Goals of the University
Self-Leadership: Focuses on the mindset and skillset needed to become proactive self-starters who know how to ask for direction and support, solicit feedback, and sell their solutions. Using the self-leadership mindset and skillset results in employees that are productive, innovative, and passionate about their work. (Ken Blanchard)
Customer Service: Address emerging concepts related to customer service and the influence of technology.

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