Legal Affairs

Tort Claims

GA-LA-F-01 Preliminary Summary Report of Tort Claims and Possible Tort Claims Form

Indemnification Agreements

GA-LA-F-02 Release & Indemnification Agreement for Minors

GA-LA-F-03 Release & Indemnification Agreement for Adult Students

GA-LA-F-04 Release & Indemnification Agreement for Adults


GA-LA-F-07 Record Disposition Log

GA-LA-F-08 Records Retention Schedule Departmental Records Amendment

GA-LA-F-09 Request for Authority to Dispose of Unscheduled University Records

GA-LA-F-10 Document Destruction Request Form

GA-LA-F-11 Records Retention Recertification & Survey

Public Information

GA-LA-F-12 Public Information Request Form


DP-GA-LA-EX-04 Department Contacts

DP-GA-LA-EX-05 Department Form Links

DP-GA-LA-EX-09 Policy Website Links

DP-GA-LA-EX-08 SharePoint Collaboration Instructions

DP-GA-LA-EX-10 Titles

DP-GA-LA-F-13 Policy & Procedure Review Form

DP-GA-LA-F-14 Policy & Procedure Change Form

DP-GA-LA-F-15 Policy Checklist

DP-GA-LA-F-16 Procedure Checklist

GA-LA-EX-01 Policy & Procedure Workflow

GA-LA-EX-02 Policy Template Style Guide

GA-LA-EX-03 Procedure Template Style Guide

Steps for Reviewing a Policy-Procedure

Steps for Updating a Policy-Procedure

University Administration and Governance

GA-UA-F-06 Publicity and Photo Release Form