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All full-time and part-time primary instructors hired by The University of Texas at Arlington must meet the qualifications established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).

Credentials are submitted electronically via Sharepoint.

Please read the UT Arlington Faculty Credential Manual before submitting your Certification of Credentials and Qualification forms (CCQs).

Important Reminders:

  • Please fill out each form completely. Attaching a CV or other documentation will not allow us to respond effectively to SACSCOC reviewers that may ask to examine our files. Please include course name and number.
  • Supplemental Forms: if the faculty’s terminal degree is not listed in the Terminal Degree List, the department will need to submit a Supplemental CCQ through the Sharepoint site (see Supplemental Tab). Please refer to the Terminal Degree list in the Credentials Manual.
  • Please complete every section of the Supplemental Form-attaching a CV will not suffice.
  • Include all completed degrees for each faculty member. ABD is not a degree.
  • Do not check Grad Faculty status box unless the faculty member is tenured, tenure-stream (automatic admission as graduate faculty) or has obtained permission from Office of Graduate Studies. Contact Joe Jackson for process at jackson@uta.edu.
  • If an instructor has earned a new degree, a new CCQ is required.
  • Please submit CCQs for faculty as soon as they’ve signed their offer letter. We want to be sure they’re ready to go the first day of classes.
  • Remember that if the faculty member’s terminal degree is not from a U.S. institution, they’ll need an evaluation (not a translation) of their transcript. Please refer to the Faculty Credential manual for SpanTran information.
  • For full text of SACSCOC Credential guidelines, including rules on Graduate Students teaching as instructors of record, please see http://www.sacscoc.org/pdf/081705/faculty%20credentials.pdf
Contact Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs with any questions at mcosio@uta.edu or 817-272-3302.