COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

UTA’s Faculty Senate, in collaboration with the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), administered the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey during the spring 2021 semester. All full-time faculty members who were employed by the University in fall 2020 were invited to participate.

Results from the survey were received at the start of the fall 2021 term and are now available.

Survey questions captured UT Arlington faculty members’ experiences with teaching, research, and service; tenure and promotion; engagement and collegiality; appreciation and recognition; faculty and administrative leadership; shared governance; interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and mentoring; personal and family policies; and other drivers of faculty satisfaction.

After more than a decade since a systematic survey of UT Arlington faculty members was conducted, this survey closes the gap and initiates a three-year process of planning and evaluation that will enhance collegiality within the faculty and with campus leadership. Findings from the survey will lead to an improved campus workplace and increased faculty productivity. The survey will allow UT Arlington to benchmark its status and progress against peer and aspirant institutions.

The University of Texas at Arlington has partnered with COACHE for the administration of the 2021 Faculty Satisfaction Survey (FSS). COACHE states that it is a “research-practice partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education ... dedicated to the discovery of and insight into the postsecondary faculty experience.” The COACHE FSS has been developed over numerous years with more than 250 colleges and universities having administered the survey on their campuses. The COACHE survey product offers participating universities the opportunity to suggest custom questions in addition to the standard questions provided, which UTA opted to do. Additionally, COACHE provides comparative data from appropriate peer institutions.

The Faculty Senate at UTA spent over a year researching faculty satisfaction surveys at institutions of higher education. Additionally, research was conducted among University of Texas System institutions as to their experience with faculty satisfaction surveys. The COACHE FSS was identified as a national and international leader in the area. The COACHE product has been used by numerous UT System institutions in recent years, including at the University of Texas at Austin.

  1. Early February 2021 – survey launches
  2. Mid-April 2021 – survey closes
  3. Summer 2021 – survey results are received
  4. Fall 2021 – findings are evaluated and results disseminated
  5. Spring 2022 – initiatives are developed and prioritized
  6. Fall 2022 – priorities are acted on and COACHE peers are engaged
  7. Spring 2023 – progress evaluated
  1. Bill Carroll, Past Chair, Faculty Senate, UT Arlington,
  2. Jacqueline Fay, Chair, Faculty Senate, UT Arlington,
  3. Tom Ingram, COACHE Steering Committee,

The COACHE Survey Steering Committee has formed the COACHE Evaluation, Review, and Initiatives Committee (ERIC) to guide the effort of developing and acting on the priorities that emerged from the survey process. Learn more about ERIC.

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