College of Business Resources

Ph.D. Forms

1.  Ph.D. Data Sheet
New students should complete this form to provide a brief overview of academic background, professional experience, contact information and anticipated graduation date (EGT).

2.  Milestone Agreement
The Milestone Agreement must be completed with the major field coordinator by September 30 of the first year of study. A completed copy must be kept by the Department, the Ph.D. Coordinator and the student.

3.  Diagnostic Evaluation 
A Diagnostic Evaluation is required by the end of the student's first year of doctoral program work, and the end of each subsequent year. The purpose of the diagnostic evaluation is to determine that the student is making acceptable progress in the program. This is documented via the DS-PRO software, which is initiated by the Office of Graduate Studies toward the end of the student's first year. The major field coordinator establishes goals for the student. Once a student is ABD, the dissertation chair completes the yearly diagnostic. Students will complete their component of the evaluation along with the advisor's portion annually.

4.  Approval of Supervisory Committee and Program of Study
The student, in consultation with the major field coordinator, will select a Supervisory Committee consisting of four faculty members of which two must be from the student's major field. The committee is responsible for the design and direction of the student's program. The student will then prepare a Program of Study, which must be approved by the major field coordinator and the Ph.D. Program Director. This document is used to list courses (already completed or to be completed at UT Arlington or other universities) necessary to meet degree requirements for a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

5.  Request for Written Comprehensive Examination
Students demonstrate competence in their major field by completing the comprehensive written request form, then taking and passing the exam. This form must be approved by the student's major field coordinator and submitted to the Ph.D. Program Coordinator (CoB Room 105) by the deadlines as indicated on the form.

6.  Request for Oral Comprehensive Examination
Students are eligible to take the oral exam when they successfully complete the written comprehensive exam. This usually marks the end of formal coursework requirements and the beginning of dissertation research. The student's Supervisory Committee and the Ph.D. Program Director must sign this form to indicate the student has passed the written comprehensive exam and is eligible to take the oral comprehensive exam. This signed form must be submitted to the Ph.D. Coordinator at least three weeks prior to holding the oral comprehensive exam.

7.  Oral Comprehensive Examination Report
This form is used to provide the result of the oral examination. Committee members will specify approval or denial to begin dissertation research and preparation. It is submitted to the Ph.D. Coordinator after the Oral Comprehensive Exam.

8.  Approval of Dissertation Committee (formation) 
The Dissertation Committee must consist of at least three members, at least two of whom must be from the major field. The Dissertation Committee Chair must be from the major field, and one member must be from outside the major field.

9.  Request for Dissertation Proposal Defense 
The student will prepare and submit a proposal presentation and submit copies of the written proposal to the members of the Dissertation Committee. The form, Request for Dissertation Proposal Defense, is used as mutual agreement of the time and date to defend the proposal as signed by the committee members. The student should send the title and an abstract of 50 to 100 words to the Ph.D. Coordinator to use in the preparation of the announcement. The student should submit the form to CoB Room 105 three weeks before the proposal date.

10. Dissertation Proposal Form
This form is signed by the Dissertation Committee after the presentation of the Dissertation Proposal as acceptance of the proposal. It is submitted to the Ph.D. Coordinator after the Dissertation Proposal is held.

11. Request for Dissertation Defense 
Students prepare and distribute sufficient copies of the completed dissertation to committee members. This form is required to gain approval from the committee to hold the dissertation defense meeting. If approved, the dissertation defense is scheduled in coordination with the Dissertation Committee. The dissertation defense is open to all faculty and students. The student should send the title and an abstract of 50 to 100 words to the Ph.D. Coordinator to use in the preparation of the announcement. The student should submit the form to CoB Room 105 at least three weeks before the defense date.

12. Dissertation Defense Report 
After completion of the dissertation defense, this report form is used to indicate the result of the defense and the recommendation of granting the doctoral degree to the student as signed by the dissertation committee. The student should submit the form to the Ph.D. Coordinator after the defense to obtain the Ph.D. Director's signature. After signing, it will be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies.

13. Dissertation Rubric
Dissertation chair, please complete the dissertation rubric to provide feedback to the student on their performance. Select the link above which will take you into the Qualtrics survey for your completion.