Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I am interested in applying for public or private funding, who do I contact?

    For public funding, contact the Center for Research and Scholarship (CRS) at 817-272-5773 or email

    For private funding, applications must be submitted and reviewed by UT Arlington’s Office of Development. Please contact Randall Gentry at If an application is received in the CRS, it will be forwarded to Mr. Gentry for review and guidance.

  2. I am a new research faculty member, transferring from another higher education institution. What office is the point of contact for processing award transfers to UT Arlington?

    UT Arlington’s Office of Grants and Contracts Services (OGCS) is the primary contact for all transfer awards to UT Arlington. OGCS will contact the faculty’s former institution grants office to facilitate the transfer process. Once the award is officially received by UT Arlington, the CRS will be notified by OGCS/Post Award when the award is setup and assigned a UT Share Project Number.

    Please note, the CRS is not the point of contact for transfer awards, but can assist in contacting OGCS to initiate the transfer process.

  3. Who are the signature authorities for sponsored projects at UT Arlington?

    • Dr. Kate Miller, Vice President for Research and Innovation
    • Jeremy Forsberg, Assistant Vice President for Research
    • Sarah Panepinto, Director of Grants and Contracts Services
    • Andrea Wright, Acting Director of Grant Accounting
  4. How do I know if my submitted proposal has been funded or denied?

    In regards to the external process, the sponsor will send an official email notification directly to the PI on record and the OGCS. Internally, the OGCS will notify the PI and CRS via email.

  5. Should STEM tuition be included in CONHI proposal applications for doctoral students?

    Yes. STEM tuition has been approved for the CONHI and should be included when preparing budgets when applicable. 

  6. For effort appointments related to a sponsored project, who do I contact?

    The Center for Research and Scholarship (CRS) processes all effort appointments (new and changes) for sponsored projects in concert with a CONHI payroll representative which includes the Grant Appointment Request Form. The CRS primary point of contact is Twanda Briggs, or x25773.

  7. If the sponsored project has a vacant position to be filled, what department is the point of contact for processing and advertising the position vacancy?

    The CONHI Office of Business and Finance receives and processes all personnel positions to Human Resources for review and approval prior to posting to the general public.

  8. Does the Center for Research and Scholarship print posters for faculty/staff to attend research conferences or other similar events?

    Yes. The CRS has a plotter printer that is available in Pickard Hall. All poster design/printing requests must be submitted online via the Research Request Form. There is no charge for printing.

  9. If I need research assistance for a sponsored project or non-grant related project, can the CRS provide assistance?

    Yes. The CRS has graduate research assistants (GRAs) on staff to assist faculty with research requests – grant and non-grant related. To request a particular service for assistance, please complete the Research Request Form.

  10. How do I create a research profile supported by UT Arlington?

    UT Arlington uses Digital Measures as the platform for researchers to use to create their profile. Find login information and FAQs.

  11. What are the Indirect Costs (IDC) and Fringe Benefits rates?

    • 54.5% for on-campus research until 8/31/23, increases to 56% on 9/1/23
    • 52.5% for instruction
    • 35% for other sponsored activities
    • 26% off-campus rate for all sponsored projects (where rent is specifically allocated as a direct cost).

    Read more information.