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Graduate Curriculum and Catalog Changes

All changes to graduate degree and certificate programs must be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee, Department Chair and Academic Dean. Changes are submitted and reviewed through the Courseleaf Catalog System.

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NOTE: If the proposed change satisfies both of the following two conditions, that change must be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Assembly before it is submitted to the Courseleaf Catalog System:

Changes to an existing degree or certificate require Graduate Assembly approval, if they satisfy BOTH of the following conditions:

a. The proposed changes concern graduate program admission requirements, the minimum grade point average (GPA) for graduation, or the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation.


b. The proposed changes lower any of the above requirements below the minimum levels published by the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) in the current UT Arlington Graduate Catalog.

The process for submitting proposals to the Graduate Assembly are described here Guidelines for Graduate Assembly Review of Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates.

Changes in Course Inventory

All changes to the graduate course inventory (adds, changes, deletes) request must be submitted using the online Curriculum Change system, Courseleaf.

Changes to Admission Standards

The University is required to submit all changes to admission standards to the Office of General Counsel and the UT System Board of Regents for review and approval. Proposed changes must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies which will initiate the review process. Submit a complete copy of the current admission standards revised by showing to-be-deleted text “struck through” and new text underscored.

For example, to change the phrase “the quick brown fox” by deleting “quick brown” and inserting new text “slow red” edit the phrase as follows; the slow red quick brown fox.

A summary, listing and describing each proposed change, must be submitted with the edited text. Contact Raymond Jackson ( in the Office of Graduate Studies for assistance.

NOTE: Once the Regents give final approval to make a change to admission standards, those changes must, by law, be published for one year before the changes can begin to be implemented. During that year, departments must continue to follow the original unrevised set of admission standards. Proposed changes will be published as required by law in a special section of the Catalog and should also be published on the department’s website.

For additional information see: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board