Organizational Development Services

The Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement's Leadership & Talent Development Team is dedicated to becoming partners with leaders on campus to produce the results that help our University thrive and grow leaders. We focus on developing, improving, and sustaining teams through planned organizational development services. 

What is organizational development?

Organizational Development (OD) can help increase an organization's ability to motivate, inspire and improve the performance of its people. OD works with individuals, teams, and departments/units to help leaders build a thriving organization that fulfills its mission without compromising core values.

OD Initial Request Form


Using the principles of OD, leaders can build and sustain high performing teams. Some of the benefits of OD:

With increased personal insights, strengthened key skills and greater influence, leaders increase their performance and that of their team.

Through the process of increasing trust, and improving interaction, teams gain greater capacity to fulfill their duties and assignments.

Within a safe and encouraging environment, employees are more willing to express themselves and share their ideas.

As employees acquire clarity of their role and how they fit into the mission of the department, they have more buy-in, and willingness to engage.

As leaders better understand their employees’ individual goals, they are equipped to align their employees’ goals with the department goals.

Leaders and their teams gain proficiency in navigating change.

Services We Offer

Organizational/Team Assessments

  • Use proven assessment methods to evaluate the workplace and communication behaviors of individuals, teams, and units.

Team Development

  • Partner with managers to create and sustain high-performing teams to achieve organizational results.
  • Support teams in addressing conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and collaboration opportunities.

Employee Engagement

  • Support in interpreting culture survey results.
  • Facilitate team engagement discussions.
  • Assist leaders in developing an action plan.
  • Consult with leaders to turn strategy into action.

Leadership Coaching

  • Connect University leaders with an internal and/or external certified leadership coach to help them implement professional change.
    • Coaching is delivered through a series of one-on-one sessions as outlined in an individualized coaching plan.
    • The cost of coaching engagements is paid for by departments/units.

Strategy & Goals

  • Partner with leaders to create department/unit goals and vision, helping to provide meaningful direction and guidance.
  • Support leaders and teams to design and evaluate large unit retreats that are based on strategic goals.
  • Implement organizational-wide change initiatives.

Our Organizational Development Process

Process chart

Unit/department leaders will complete an intake form to request organizational development services.

Collaborative data gathering between the consultant(s) and the stakeholder(s). Relevant information about the request is gathered, analyzed, and reviewed.

The consultant documents a structured timeline and action items for the requestor(s) to approve. The customized solution is developed, and success criteria is well-defined so progress can be measured.

The customized recommendations are implemented to address the issues identified.

The consultant will collect evaluation data to determine whether the initiative is meeting the intended goal(s) and achieving defined success indicators.