TCE Forms & Documents

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Campus Wide Resources

Remote Work Agreement Form for Staff

Remote Work Agreement Form for Faculty

Language Assistant Stipend Pilot Program:
Monthly Tracking Log

Records Services

UTA State Service Form

Self-Service Training Guide

Dual Employment Agreement Form



DF-TCE-B-F1 Employee Tuition Affordability Program Request

HR-B-F2 Living Well Employee Release Time

HR-B-F13 Fort Dearborn Term Life Beneficiary Designation Form

HR-B-F22 Continuation Coverage Notice Exhibit



 HR-E-F19 Job Description Form

TCE-F24 Compensation and Classification Request


Talent Acquisition

HR-E-F2 Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form

HR-E-F4 Criminal Background Check Form

HR-E-F6 Notice of Voluntary Services Form

HR-E-F7 High School Student Position Information and Application Form

TCE-OB-04 Prior State Service Form

HR-E-F16 Selective Service Registration Verification Form

HR-E-F17 Personal Information Form

HR-E-F23 Employee Change of Address

TCE-F26 Nepotism Rule Management Plan

HR-E-F34 Reference Check Form

TCE-SC-01 Search Committee Confidentiality Agreement

TCE-EEO-01 Equal Employment Opportunity Form

TCE-EOD-01 Employee Onboarding Data

DF-TCE-DE-01 Request for Dual Employment


International Employment

HR-E-F25 International Employees Only Request for GLACIER Password

F-22-1 Exception Request for Employee Work Authorization Sponsorship

F-22-2 Request to Initiate H-1B Petition

F-22-3 H-1 Foreign Employee Questionnaire

F-22-4 Request to Initiate Legal Permanent Residency Sponsorship

F-22-5 Actual Wage Determination 


Leave and Absences

HR-LA-F1 Sick Leave Pool Application Form

HR-LA-F2 Sick Leave Pool Contribution Form

HR-LA-F3 Request for Family and Medical Leave Form

HR-LA-F4 FMLA Return to Work Release Form



Delegation Reporting Form


Leadership and talent development forms

LTD-00 Direct Supervisor Approval

TCE-ENG-01 Engagement Action Plan Template