Inventory Related FAQs

Capital assets include furniture or equipment with a single unit value of $5,000 or greater and an estimated useful life of more than one year. Inventory Management System (Procedure BF-PM-PR1) further outlines additional capital assets.

A controlled asset is an asset that does not meet the capitalization value threshold, but still must be secured, tracked, and accounted for in the annual inventory due to the nature of the item. Controlled assets include computing devices and firearms with acquisition costs of $0.00 to $4,999.99. Inventory Management System (Procedure BF-PM-PR1) further outlines additional controlled assets.

There are several ways in which to dispose of university equipment:

  • Transfer to another department
  • Transfer to Surplus Property
  • Transfer to another state agency, university or research facility
  • Sale of equipment
  • Trade-in of equipment
  • Cannibalization
  • Missing or stolen property

Refer to Disposition of University Property (Procedure BF-PM-PR3) which further defines modes of disposition.

The Lost and Found is located in the UT Arlington Police Station and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Other Lost and Found locations on campus include: Libraries, the Maverick Activities Center, the E.H. Hereford University Center Campus Information Center, and the UT Arlington Bookstore.

UT Share is used to track capital and controlled assets. Refer to Inventory Management System (Procedure BF-PM-PR1) for more information.

To report vending machine problems, request changes, and for refund information call ext. 2-2191. Refunds are processed at the UC Post Office in the E.H. Hereford University Center.

University equipment may be removed from campus for business use only. Inventory contacts submit a removal activity through the Asset Transfer Workflow in UT Share. When the equipment is returned to campus, the inventory contact submits a return activity in the Asset Transfer Workflow in UT Share. Removing University-owned property from the University for personal use is strictly prohibited. When an item of equipment is taken off campus, the individual in possession of the property assumes full financial responsibility for the property.

The Property Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Government Property Program for UT Arlington. United States Government-owned Equipment: Responsibilities, Care, Maintenance, Utilization, Identification, Disposition, and Records (Procedure BF-PM-PR7), Fabricated Equipment (United States Government-Owned Equipment) (Procedure BF-PM-PR8), Records of Scrap and Salvage (Procedure BF-PM-PR9) and Inventory Management System (Procedure BF-PM-PR1) provide instruction to all project directors/principal investigators (PD/PI) and Department Chairs on the procedures necessary for the central US Government-owned equipment in the possession of UT Arlington.