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MAV eSHOP, an Amazon-like online ordering and requisition generating system that provides an efficient and interactive way for shoppers and end-users to search and initiate requisitions from some of the University’s valued partners. The tool interfaces with UT Share and enhances the ordering and payment processes, helping to reduce overall costs and improve productivity. The following vendors are currently enabled for ordering via MAV eSHOP.



Staples Office Supply (via HUB partner Summus Industries)
Office Depot (via HUB partner Today’s Business Solutions)
These are mandatory use contracts without a prior exception approval from Procurement and Payment Services. Both vendors offer a wide variety of office supplies and related products for everyday use. Staples has a $50/order minimum requirement. Procurement suggests pooling orders on a weekly basis, or some other pre-determined time frame, into a single order to reduce the need to track multiple small dollar orders.

Dell (via HUB partner Summus Industries)
Dell is a recognized global leader in computer technology and related supplies. The Dell/Summus punchout includes the University’s pre-approved standard configuration towers, laptops and related items.

Apple is a leader in technology products and solutions including a variety of devices and related tools and solutions. All items available in the Apple portfolio are approved for use by the University’s Office of Information Technology.

SHI Government Solutions (certified Texas HUB)
SHI Government Solutions is a leading provider of computer related products and peripherals (approved by the University’s Office of Information Technology) including printers, cables, storage devices and thousands of other related technology products.

W.W. Grainger (via HUB partner Burgoon Company)
Grainger is a global leader in industrial and maintenance supplies and much more. Grainger offers over 1.5 million items in their catalog from tape and light bulbs to motors and generators, and all things in between. They are the world’s largest on-line “hardware” store.

B&H Photo
B&H Photo is much more than the name suggests. Although photo and video equipment remains the core of their business, they also offer thousands of other electronics and technology related items and supplies including batteries, cables, connectors and storage devices.

Fisher Scientific (via HUB partner Possible Missions)
Fisher is a leader in the supply of scientific and biotech supplies, chemicals, and equipment for a wide variety of industries, including University laboratories and classrooms.

VWR/Avantor Sciences (via HUB partner Summus Industries)
VWR is another global leader in the area of life sciences, advanced technology products and equipment, and research related products for lab and classroom. The VWR/Avantor catalog currently offers over 1.2 million items. 

Asset Information

As with any requisition, remember to enter a Profile ID information for all assets. If you are unsure of what to enter on your Requisition for this, please contact Aprell Feagin at 817-272-6180 or via email and she will provide you with the correct information.

All assets must be shipped to Central Receiving. Any PO that contains an asset must have Central Receiving set as the “ship to” address on all line items.