Negative Lines on Requisitions

Effective Monday October 23, 2023, UTShare will no longer accept "negative" or "discount" lines on a Special Item Requisition. Using negative lines creates a myriad of issues in Budgets/Commitment Control which cause cost center and project available budget amounts to be incorrect. This has been requested and approved by all UTShare institutions. This is not unique to UT Arlington.

Going forward, if a supplier provides a quote showing a discount line (usually shown as a negative line) there are two options:

  1. Request a revised quote from the supplier with the discount applied to/built into the line item prices, or
  2. Enter only the items from the quote being purchased and the related dollar amounts and apply a non-PO discount/negative line amount on your payment voucher.

We appreciate, and want to take advantage of, all discounts offered by suppliers, but they must be handled correctly in UTShare so that departmental budgets reflect accurate encumbrances and available balances.

If you have any questions related to creating a non-PO line on your PO voucher, a help guide is attached and Knowledge Services can also assist as needed by contacting

A help guide is also attached regarding creating discount/negative line(s) on your voucher.