1095-C Insurance Tax Form

Service Audience:
  • New Employee
  • Current Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Faculty

Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage 

As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, employers are required to send Form 1095-C to certain employees.  It will contain detailed information about your health care coverage. You may receive this form at the beginning of the calendar year, by the IRS deadline.

You will receive the form if you meet either of the two conditions listed below. 

  • Were enrolled in health care coverage from UT Arlington at any point during the calendar year.
  • Worked an average of 30 or more hours per week

It is important to keep the form for your records since you will need it to file your taxes.  You can view the blank form here on the IRS website.

We will continue to keep you informed on this important new tax document.