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Below are some questions that may help you on your journey to getting familiar with ePerformance. We hope that these FAQ’s will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, check here first to see if it has been answered, if not, please send us an email at hrperformreviews@uta.edu for further assistance.

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Normally, the employee's immediate manager or the “Reports to Manager” in UTShare, is primarily responsible for the timely completion of the evaluation.
For regular A&P and Classified staff, the annual evaluation due date is typically in April each year.
Performance evaluations for both A&P and Classified staff must be completed using the ePerformance Module in UTShare. Managers will use the following navigation to access their staff’s evaluation documents: Manager Self Service> Performance Management > Performance Documents > Current Documents. You can access all training guides and tutorials for ePerformance on the Human Resources website.

The standard performance ratings are the same for A&P and Classified staff. The ratings are:

•(1) Unsatisfactory
•(2) Improvement Needed
•(3) Solid Performer
•(4) Above Expectations
•(5) Outstanding
The rating period for all annual evaluations is January 1st through December 31st of the previous year. For example, the 2022 A&P annual performance evaluation covers January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.
The time-frame for completing and submitting annual evaluations is January up through the last week in March. An annual performance evaluation should be completed in UTShare no later than the established deadline.
It is important to complete annual evaluations for your employees to communicate job expectations, provide goals, and give open and honest feedback. A current annual evaluation must be completed to be eligible for merit consideration. If an evaluation has not been completed, UTShare will reflect that no evaluation was received for the employee. Additionally, the President is required to certify to that all eligible employees have a completed performance evaluation on file each year.
A probationary evaluation should be completed for Classified employees only. A&P employees do not serve probationary periods; therefore, a probationary evaluation is not necessary.
A probationary evaluation should be completed in UTShare no later than 30 days after the employee completes 6 months of employment. For example, if the probationary period ends on January 1, 2023, the employee will have until January 15, 2023 to complete the self evaluation and the manager should complete the manager section no later than January 31, 2023.
Anytime an employee has a performance rating of “Needs Improvement” or lower, the next level manager should be alerted to the review prior to discussing and sharing the performance evaluation with the employee.
An employee's acknowledgement indicates their input to the evaluation and that a meeting occurred with the manager to discuss it. Acknowledgment does not necessarily imply agreement with the evaluation. If, after explaining this to the employee, he/she still refuses to acknowledge receipt of the evaluation in UTShare, the manager should override the acknowledgement as “Refusal to Sign” and continue the steps to complete the evaluation in UTShare.
An overall performance rating of “Unsatisfactory” or “Improvement Needed” must be accompanied by a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), which is developed with the assistance of your Human Resources Business Partner. If the overall rating for a staff is going to be“Unsatisfactory” or Improvement Needed”, you must contact your HR business partner at least 14 days before reviewing the evaluation with the staff.

A performance evaluation is completed when:

1) the employee has completed the optional self-evaluation
2) the manager completes the evaluation in UTShare
3) the manager and employee have met to discuss the employee’s performance
4) the employee provides any necessary comments and acknowledges the evaluation.

At this point, the system will automatically finalize and mark the performance evaluation as complete.

Yes. An employee can respond to the evaluation by adding comments to the performance evaluation in UTShare.
The employee should contact the manager first and then if necessary, the Dean or department Vice President.
No. Evaluations that are completed in UTShare do not need to be sent to HR. Human Resources will be able to access performance evaluations directly in UTShare.
The performance evaluation should account for changes in duties; however, the evaluation will be based on the current position as of December 31st.
The current manager may request their HR Business Partner to transfer the performance evaluation to a previous manager to provide input on the evaluation.
You can re-open the evaluation. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 817-272-5554 or send us an email at hrperformreviews@uta.edu for more information. You can also follow the online ePerformance user guides.
The employee should meet with their manager before acknowledging the performance evaluation. This performance discussion should be held with the employee after sharing the evaluation, but prior to acknowledgement.
Self-Service>Performance Management>My Performance Documents>Historical Documents.