MavsManager Foundations Program

Next session of MavsManager is scheduled for September 2024. Applications will open July 2024.

Every leader aspires to develop an organization where each team member contributes to the team’s goals by being productive, effective and valued. Step onto campus every day as an empowered leader whose contributions are recognized and celebrated. Build an organizational culture where you and your team feel engaged and empowered and your personal and professional development is highly prioritized.

The MavsManager Foundations Program provides UTA leaders with strategies, tools and knowledge needed to develop and lead their teams successfully. Graduates of the program will gain more knowledge about the University’s guiding principles, important policies and procedures, and leadership best practices.

Program Design

MavsManager is an in-person program providing an active, collaborative group learning experience that allows participants to explore and apply concepts in live discussions. This cohort model helps individual and group learning, improves collective insights, and cultivates positive relationships across the university.

Over the course of the program, participants will complete a total of 10 instructor-led sessions through group discussions, role-playing, and other activities. Each program will include no more than 30 leaders per cohort.


  • Recognize and practice Situational Leadership principles which guides leaders in adapting their behaviors to suit the unique needs of each situation.
  • Learn when to apply common policies and procedures, best practices, and legal requirements governing the university and their application to different situations
  • Cultivate an engaged and effective team with foundational practices that influence team culture and your leadership style to make important decisions in leading your team.

Program Eligibility

To participate in the MavsManager Foundations Program, an employee must meet the following requirements:   

  • Be a full-time leader who is in a formal supervisory role with multiple full-time direct reports
  • Be a supervisor who has 2-3 years of prior management experience
  • Complete the MavsManager Foundations Program Application

Participation Attendance Guidelines

Participants are expected to attend classes regularly. Each session including the kick-off are approximately three hours in length, resulting in a total program length of approximately 30 hours.

Employees who are interested in participating in the program should review the MavsManager Foundations Program Schedule and resolve any conflicts between work-related responsibilities and commitments with the program dates.

Graduation Requirements

Program participants are eligible for graduation by attending classes regularly, participating in class discussions and activities, and completing assigned tasks and inventories. Participants who miss more than one session will not be eligible to graduate from the program.

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