Accounting Services

BF-AS-F1 Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

BF-AS-F2 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

BF-AS-F4 Daily Check Log Form

BF-AS-F5 Restrictive Payee Stamp Form

BF-AS-F7 Initial Recharge Rate Request Form

BF-AS-F9 Cost Center and Project Statements Reconciliation and Acknowledgment

BF-AS-F-10 Request for New Cost Center

BF-AS-F-11 Custodian and Working Fund Authorization

BF-P-F16 Payment Approval Voucher

BF-P-F17 Departmental Deposit

BF-P-F18 Cash Receipt

BF-P-F19 Restrictive Endorsement Stamp

DF-BF-PGS-F5 Official Occasion Expense Form


Accounts Payable

BF-AS-F3 Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

BF-P-F16 Payment Approval Voucher 

DF-BF-PGC-F3 Gift Certificate Expense Form

Distribution Services

University staff can complete the  Distribution Services Online Work Request Form  to submit a request for the following:

  • Table and chair rentals
  • Event set-ups
  • Furniture moves
  • Non-asset surplus pick-ups
  • Document destruction

BF-DS-F3 Record Disposition Log

BF-DS-F4 Asset Information Form


Inventory Services

The Asset Transfer Workflow function in UT Share has replaced the following forms:

  • BF-INV-F5 Inventory Transaction
  • BF-INV-F6 Removal of Equipment from University Campus

Inventory Contacts who have completed training and received the Asset Transfer Requestor role in UT Share are able to submit requests for the following:

  • Transfers between departments
  • Removals
  • Returns
  • Transfers to Surplus Property

Please contact with any questions.

Inventory Contacts can complete the Found Asset Form to report previously Lost or Missing assets that are Found after the close of the Annual Inventory.

BF-INV-F1 Lost or Missing University Inventory Report Form

BF-INV-F2  Asset Cannibalization Request Form

BF-INV-F3 The University of Texas at Arlington (UTARL) State Property Transfer Request

BF-INV-F4  The University of Texas at Arlington (UTARL) Asset Transfer Receipt


BF-P-F1 Departmental Payroll Voucher

BF-P-F3 Hourly Employee Time Record

BF-P-F6 Statement for Foreign National Honoraria Recipients

BF-P-F9 Departmental Vacation Holiday Payroll Voucher

Authorization of Professional Services (APS) Forms

APS forms must be completed using Adobe Sign and no other methods are accepted.

APS forms are not available for download

There are four templates for APS forms stored inside of Adobe Sign.  Preparers need to follow the steps below to access the templates.  A video tutorial for each template is provided.

How to Use APS Forms

  1. Review instructions
  2. Complete the  Adobe Sign course
  3. Decide which template fits your use case and watch the applicable tutorial:
  4. Search for the template within the Adobe Sign application
  5. Prepare and send the form using Adobe Sign
  6. Email completed forms with all signatures to

BF-P-F14 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification for Prizes, Awards, and Research Participants

BF-P-F21 Check Distribution Form


Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

BF-DS-F4 Asset Information Form

BF-PGC-F2 Cardholder (ProCard) Agreement Form

DF-BF-PGC-F3 Gift Certificate Form

BF-PGC-F5 Purchasing Card Carry Over Transaction Log and Example Form

DF-BF-PGC-F6 Purchasing Card Transaction Log

DF-BF-PGS-F16  Lost or Unavailable Receipt Form  

Procurement of Goods and Services

BF-PGS-F1 Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form

BF-PGS-F2 Vendor Performance Survey

BF-PGS-F7 University Issued Cell Phone Request Form

BF-PGS-F8 Cell Phone Acceptance Form

BF-PGS-F10 Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Initiation Form

BF-T-F10 Luxury Car Service Booking Form

BF-PGS-F15 Procurement Services Purchase Order Change Request

DF-BF-PGS-F16  Lost or Unavailable Receipt Form 


BF-AS-F3 Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification

The Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption Form

BF-T-F2 Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate

DF-BF-T-F3 Non-Overnight Mileage Detailed Report

BF-T-F6 Non Employee Expense Reimbursement

DF-BF-T-F8 Travel Non-Travel Expense Cover Sheet

BF-T-F9  Alternate Airfare Request Form

DF-BF-PGS-F16  Lost or Unavailable Receipt Form