Environmental Health & Safety

Campus Safety

Driving UTA Vehicles

CO-EHS-F101 Request for Review of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) 


CO-EHS-F201 Charcoal and Propane Grill Permit

CO-EHS-F202 Fire Pit Permit Request

CO-EHS-F203 Outdoor Temporary Structure (tent) Permit Application

CO-EHS-F204 Roof Access Request

CO-EHS-F205 Pyrotechnics Permit Application

CO-EHS-F206 Hot Work Permit


CO-EHS-F301 Confined Spaces Entry Plan

CO-EHS-F302 Confined Spaces Inventory

CO-EHS-F303 Energy Control Procedures

CO-EHS-F304 Lockout-Tagout Authorized Employee Form

CO-EHS-F305 Exchange of Lockout-Tagout Program

CO-EHS-F306 First Aid Kit Supply Request Form

CO-EHS-F307 Indoor Air Quality Occupant Interview Form

CO-EHS-F308 Request for Ergonomic Evaluation

Workers' Compensation

CO-EHS-F401 Employee's Report of Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease

CO-EHS-F402 Supervisor's Report of Employee Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease

CO-EHS-F403 Notification of a Work-Related Injury

CO-EHS-F404 Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement-English

CO-EHS-F405 Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement-Spanish

CO-EHS-F406 Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement-Vietnamese

CO-EHS-F407 Workers' Compensation Pharmacy First Fill Card

CO-EHS-F408 WCI Pharmacy Mobile App Text2Fill First Fill Card

CO-EHS-F409 Injured Employee Workers' Compensation Guidelines-English

CO-EHS-F412 Supervisor's Workers' Compensation Guidelines

CO-EHS-F413 WCI Employee's Leave Election form

CO-EHS-F414 Injury-Illness Reporting Form for Students & Visitors

Laboratory Safety


CO-EHS-F501 Autoclave Waste Treatment Log

CO-EHS-F502 Biological Indicator Test Results Log

CO-EHS-F503 Biosafety Level 2 Commissioning Checklist

CO-EHS-F504 Hepatitis-B Vaccination Waiver Exemption

CO-EHS-F505 Human Pathogen Registration

CO-EHS-F506 Human Pathogen Registration Update

CO-EHS-F507 Request to Ship Biologicals with Dry Ice

CO-EHS-F508 Verification of Training on Vaccinia Virus


CO-EHS-F601 Chemical Donation Approval Request

CO-EHS-F602 CEMS Inventory Discrepancy

CO-EHS-F603 Application for Laboratory Chemical-Free Area Designation

CO-EHS-F606 Consent for Minor in a Laboratory - Tours

CO-EHS-F607 Laboratory Tours for Minors Notification


CO-EHS-F701 Laser Device Registration


CO-EHS-F801 Application for Use of Radionuclides

CO-EHS-F802 Request for Radiation Dosimeter

CO-EHS-F803 Radioactive Material Requisition Form

CO-EHS-F804 Radiation Producing Machine Registration

CO-EHS-F805 Radiation Safety Evaluation - Radioactive Materials

CO-EHS-F806 Safety Evaluation - Radiation Producing Machines

CO-EHS-F807 Pregnancy Declaration

CO-EHS-F808 Pregnancy Declaration Withdrawal