Faculty and Lab Website Options

Faculty Webpage Requirements

ALL new websites must be responsive, accessible, compliant with UTA identity standards, and meet all requirements in the following:

These requirements include following best practices for mobile responsiveness and meeting web content accessibility guidelines. OIT is providing new environments for faculty webpages that will satisfy these requirements.

Standard of Quality

To maintain the reputation of the College of Engineering, affiliated websites (individual faculty or research lab sites) should meet basic standards of quality including, but not limited to:

  • Proper spelling and grammar
  • Photos that portray the person, lab, or activity in a positive, professional manner
  • Photos must not be pixelated, misproportioned, sideways, or otherwise poor quality
  • Does not contain copyrighted material without permission
  • Meets community standards of decency and decorum
  • Complies with UTA brand guidelines for use of the University’s name or logo

Options for Faculty Websites

UTA provides different options for research labs and individual faculty sites.

Research Lab Sites on College of Engineering Pages

The college will provide a page for all research labs in the college.  Current labs can be found at the following URL:


To request changes to this list or to provide changes to the pages here, please contact the college web developer (Chris Wood, woodc@uta.edu).  The college page will link to websites created by research labs after considering whether the lab site is in compliance with the standards listed above.

Research Lab Sites

Lab/Center/Research groups needing websites should start at:


These websites will have a URL <hostname>.uta.edu or possibly .com or .org domains.

Individual Faculty Sites

Faculty needing a website for professional/personal use or for a class should start at:


These websites will have a URL starting with blog.uta.edu