International Employment

Service Audience:
  • New Employee
  • Current Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Faculty

Departments can invite international professors, researchers, or certain classified staff to UT. Below you will find information to begin the process. 

H-1B Employment

For long-term employment (including tenure-track positions) in teaching and research, the H-1B visa status is most commonly used. H-1B status can be extended for up to six years and allows transition to permanent residency for qualified foreign nationals. 

H-1B Information

Legal Permanent Resident Information

The route to permanent residency for new hires is complex. Learn about the various actions required to facilitate this. 

Legal Permanent Resident Information

International Visiting Scholars

If you are inviting a foreign national visitor/scholar/honorary guest to campus you must follow these guidelines. 

International Visiting Scholar 

F-1 or J-1 Employment Authorization

More information about F-1 and J-1 status can be found through the Office of International Education.  

Office of International Education


International Employment Coordinator
Phone: (817) 272-5554