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International Visiting Scholars/Guests on Campus

If you are inviting a foreign national visitor/scholar/honorary guest to campus you must follow these guidelines.

For visits of 9 days or less, and with the possibility of reimbursing the visiting scholar for his/her incidental expenses such as travel, food, and lodging, as well as providing the visiting scholar with an honorarium, you must ensure that the visiting scholar enters the United States under the proper visa status as a B1/WB visitor for business. Under this visa, the visiting scholar may engage in usual academic activities for the benefit of our institution, such as giving a lecture series, a special seminar, or participating in a conference.

Failure of the foreign national visitor to enter the U.S. without the proper visa status will result in the University’s inability to pay/reimburse the visitor for any expenses and/or pay the visitor an honorarium and may result in the foreign national being unable to engage in the planned academic activities.

Please contact the International Employment Coordinator if your department is planning on inviting an international scholar/guest for a short period of time. The International Employment Coordinator can provide both the hiring department and the visiting scholar with the necessary information and paperwork to ensure that such situations are handled appropriately and in accordance with the applicable federal regulations.

Longer term visitors may be eligible for J1 visa sponsorship. For J1 information, please contact The Office of International Education

More information about visa requirements may be found at the U.S. Department of State website, specifically the webpage, “Visitor Visa"


Austin Darnell
International Employment Coordinator
Phone: (817) 272-3464