Employee Clearance & Release Process

Resources have been created to guide supervisors, managers, and employees on departure procedures from the University of Texas at Arlington. All separating UTA employees must be cleared by their supervisor or the supervisor's designee before their last day of employment.



For is virtually submitted by employee or manager, Then form is virtually accepted. Then employee and clearnace group receive notification of manager decision. Then manager receives clearance checklist to be satisfied or before the employee's last day.

  1. Resigning employee virtually submits the form to their supervisor or the department admin submits the form
  2. The supervisor virtually accepts the form
  3. The employee receives the notification of the supervisor’s acceptance
  4. The manager and clearance departments receive clearance checklist items to be satisfied prior to the employee’s last day



Visit myapps.uta.edu

Select the tile labeled Employee Clearance & Release Request:

Employee clearance and release request icon


Guides and Resources

Department Offboarding Resources

For employees separating or retiring from the university, departments must complete the applicable e-Form. It is important that the employee separation process is followed to prevent overpayments and ensure system access is updated accordingly.

Additional information and training guides are available on the Business Affairs Training and Development webpage.

If there are any questions about completing this step not covered in the information, please contact your HR Business Partner for assistance.

If eligible, a Vacation Voucher, BF-P-F9 Departmental Vacation Holiday Payroll Voucher will need to be completed and submitted to Payroll.

This form is needed only if there are vacation hours left at the time of separation and the employee has been continuously employed for a period of six months in a vacation accruing position.

Employee Offboarding Resources

All separating UTA employees should complete an Exit Interview. Information about this program is available online at Exit Interview Process Information.

Click Here to take the Exit Interview Survey

If you have retirement and/or insurance benefits through UTA, COBRA information is available here. Questions regarding benefits options should be directed to Benefits Services at benefits@uta.edu or call 817-272-5554 to speak with a Benefits Services representative.

Sick Leave Pool Contribution: Accrued sick leave is held in your account for a year after you leave UTA, then is forfeit. If you would like to contribute any (or all) available hours of Sick Leave to the Sick Leave Pool, you may do so by completing the Sick Leave Pool Donation Forms available at HR Forms.

Direct Donation of Sick Leave to a Specific Employee: Accrued sick leave is held in your account for a year after you leave UTA, then is forfeit. If you would like to contribute any (or all) available hours of Sick Leave directly to another employee who qualifies for the Direct Donation Program, please complete the "Direct Sick Leave Donation - Donor Form" below.

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