Classroom Protocols, Processes and FAQs for Faculty

FALL 2020 and Spring 2021

Classroom use procedures

This document outlines safety procedures defining how you and your students should enter and exit classrooms to maintain social distancing.

Protocols for faculty who have a student test COVID-positive & classroom issues

Protocols on what to do if a student in your class tests positive for COVID-19 and other questions and answers about classroom issues you may face this term.

Protocols for positive tests or close contact

These charts help guide faculty through the steps they should take if they come in contact with a student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19.

Mask protocol-scripts

Suggested scripts and a flow chart to guide you through discussions with students who don’t comply with UTA’s mask protocol.

Infographic-no face covering

This infographic has useful information on how to discuss the mask protocol with students, and how to report individuals who are refusing to comply.

FERPA and recording of courses

As a growing number of faculty use online teaching tools, UT System has developed guidance on FERPA and posting and re-using course recordings, use of webcams, live proctoring and other practices that may raise questions about student privacy.


It is important to note that if students' personally identifiable information such as faces, names, and voice are evident in the recordings, depending on their use, consent may be needed or the recording may need to be edited.  Faculty are also reminded to use only UTA approved platforms such as Canvas and Teams to ensure that student and course information is secure.

Faculty FAQs - Spring 2020

These FAQs constructed specifically for the needs of faculty cover course planning and organization, support for online and on-campus teaching, health and safety protocols and more.

 SPRING 2020

Academic policy changes in response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, temporary academic policy changes went effect during the spring 2020 semester.  This FAQ documents those changes for faculty.

Continue to monitor UTA's official COVID-19 webpage for important campus updates.