Faculty Guide

The Faculty Guide is intended for all faculty of The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Its purpose is to provide summary information about the regulations, policies, procedures and concepts which guide faculty duties and privileges. It is not intended to be a rule book for faculty, nor is it intended to be absolutely complete in its coverage. It should instead provide a framework for functioning within the university and knowledge of where to find detailed information about rules which govern faculty activities.

This guide is only available on the Internet. Rather than including excerpts from various sources, the guide provides direct links to laws, policies, and other pertinent information. Sites frequently referenced in the guide or containing additional documentation include:

The government of UT Arlington is vested in a nine-member Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, nominated by the governor and approved by the Senate. The Office of the Chancellor is the chief administrative office of The University of Texas System and is located in Austin. The chief administrative officer of UT Arlington is the University president, under the authority of the Office of the Chancellor of the UT System and the Board of Regents. A complete statement of the authority and duties of the Regents and of the several officers, together with an account of the organization of the system, is published in the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.

  1. Accreditation
  2. Organizational Structure of UTA
  3. Faculty Senate
  4. Faculty Senate - HOP Policies & Procedures (HOP)
  5. Undergraduate Assembly and Graduate Faculty - HOP Policies & Procedures
  6. Administrative Officers - Duties and Responsibilities (HOP)
  7. University Committees
  1. Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  2. Appointment of Faculty and Titles (RRR Series 31001, #2 Sec. 1-3)

  3. Awards in Teaching, Research and Service
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. English Proficiency (HOP)

  6. Ethics Policy (UT System - OGC Website)

  7. Faculty Absences and Leave (HOP)

  8. Faculty Academic Workload Requirements
  9. Faculty Development Leave (HOP)

  10. Faculty Evaluation
  11. Faculty Grievance Procedure (HOP)

  12. Institutional Compliance
  13. Outside Employment
  14. Political Activities (RRR Series 30103, #2 Sec. 13)

  15. Research Administration, Office of
  16. Rights, Responsibilities & Duties of Faculty Members
  17. Standards of Conduct
    • Standards of Conduct - UT System (RRR Series 30103, Sec. 1-12)
    • Standards of Conduct Guide - UTA
      Includes links with detailed information related to:
      • Ethics
      • Contact with the media; government; outside investigators
      • Confidential information; retention and disposal of records
      • Equal employment opportunities; sexual harassment; Family and Medical Leave Act; outside employment; financial interests
      • Health and safety; protection of environment; drug and weapon-free workplace
      • Contracts and agreements; state-owned property; computer software; information resources; confidential information; purchasing
      • Copyright and intellectual property
      • Political activities and contributions
      • Gifts and honorariums
  18. Teaching Practices (HOP)
  19. Tenure and Promotion
  20. Travel (Fiscal Regulations & Procedures)

  21. Work Toward Advanced Degrees (HOP)
  1. Academic Regulations-Graduate Students (Catalog)
  2. Academic Regulations-Undergraduate Students (Catalog)
  3. Acceptance of Money from Students (RRR Series 31004, #2 Sec. 9)

  4. Health Services
  5. Records and Registration, Office of
    • Class Rolls
    • Electronic Grade Posting
    • FERPA
    • Final Exam Schedule
    • Future Academic Calendar
  6. Registration-Graduate Students (Catalog)
  7. Registration-Undergraduate Students (Catalog)
  8. Student Advisement
  9. Student Evaluation of Faculty (HOP)

  10. Student Records and Privacy
  11. Student Rights and Responsibilities
  12. Students with Disabilities