Certificates (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate students may choose to seek a certificate in addition to his or her degree. However, there may be Financial Aid eligibility implications, a student receiving Title IV Financial Aid is only eligible to receive aid for courses that count towards their degree program. To ensure compliance with federal student aid eligibility, the advising community is required to identify courses that are being taken for a certificate only and those that count toward the student’s degree. To facilitate this, a SharePoint form is required for all students enrolling in a certificate program.

Certificate Verification and Permission Form submission:


Process Workflow

Once a student decides to seek a certificate, he or she will need to see the Certificate Advisor. The Certificate Advisor will need to submit the Certificate Verification and Permission Form. Please be sure to include ALL courses required for completion of the certificate. Once the form has been submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email and the request will be forwarded to the student’s Major Academic Advisor for approval.

The Major Academic Advisor is responsible for ensuring that the student’s MAP has been updated to reflect certificate coursework. The Major Academic Advisor MUST upload a copy of the student's Assigned Degree Plan before continuing to submit the request.

After the Major Academic Advisor has approved the request, it will then be routed to the Office of Financial Aid for review. Students taking courses outside their degree requirements, as indicated by the uploaded Assigned Degree Plan may result in a loss of Financial Aid eligibility for the term in which the student enrolls for the certificate courses. Based on the determination, the student’s Financial Aid may be adjusted and they will be notified via e-mail on a term-by-term basis of any adjustments.

If the student changes major and/or certificate programs, a new form will need to be submitted.

Approver Request

To request to become a Certificate or Major Advisor approver for the Certificate Program Permission and Verification Form, please fill out the Approver Request Form.

Job Aid

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