Class Roll Adjustments

Effective June 16, 2014, the Office of the Registrar introduces electronic Class Roll Adjustment (CRA) Form hosted on Sharepoint Site.

If access to CRA  is needed, the department dean or chair may submit an email to requesting new access. Please include the name, title, MyMav Id number, NetID, department name and email of person needing access. Additionally, if there is any staff/faculty that needs to be removed from the CRA  approval workflow, please let the records processing area know via email above. **Access will be limited to faculty and staff only.

A Class Roll Adjustment (CRA) is typically used after Census Date for a given term.  Depending on the action requested and the date, a CRA may have a monetary impact on the University.  The three possible scenarios are:

  1. Adding a student into a class after Census Date which results in the student owing more tuition,
  2. Removing a student from a class after Census Date which refunds tuition to the student,
  3. Adding a student into one class and removing the student from a different class or section for the same semester after Census Date which has no significant tuition consequences.

Additionally, a CRA may be used to backdate a drop due to university error or process a late withdrawal approval.

For more information on submitting a CRA, see CRA Job Aid.

For more information on when to submit a CRA, please use the CRA Guidelines and see the CRA Flow Chart.


When a CRA is required, faculty will need to use the Class Roll Adjustment Request Form.  The Class Roll Adjustment Request Form requires approvals from the Instructor, Department Chair and Academic Dean before being sent for final approval by the Office of the Registrar.  A Justification must be stated on the form.  Supporing documents may be attached to the CRA at any of the routing points.