Facilities Use Policy

Consistent with The University of Texas at Arlington’s mission and purpose, UTA supports early stage business development, new technology-based businesses and entrepreneurs, companies licensing UTA technology, and UTA faculty, student and other start-ups in which UTA has an equity or other interest benefitting the University.

These relationships may include availability of on-campus or off-campus office space, and wet, dry or customizable lab space, as well as access to non-exclusive (shared) meeting space and conference rooms, and selected University labs, services, systems and procedures where it is of strategic interest for the University.

Limited space may be available on a short-term basis. The types of space available may be subject to openings and priorities in and for departmental and educational use of the University.  Space available may be suitable for office activity, research and development, and light prototype assembly and manufacturing. Wet and dry laboratory space or facilities may include fume hoods, lab benching, sinks with deionized water, natural gas, compressed air, vacuum capabilities, and safety showers and eyewash fountains.

In addition, through a partnership with TECHFW sm, a non-profit business incubator, there may be space available to help entrepreneurs launch and grow emerging technology companies.

Use of space generally requires a written facility use agreement and depending on the use evidence of general liability and auto insurance.

Usual and customary utilities such as water, heat, light and electricity, and building maintenance and janitorial services, are typically included. Wireless internet access and telephone service or connections such as for VOIP may be provided by UTA. Unique or extraordinary use may require additional charges, to be negotiated based on projected or in-term actual use. Up to 24 hour access and security, and insurance coverage for laboratory use may also be available. Other possible benefits include networking opportunities, and close proximity to University expertise and students.

UTA facilities use and reimbursement rates are flexible and will be determined (if available) based on the facility, building, and space, and specific use. Typical facility use agreements may be renewable on an annual basis.

With advance approval by UTA, user-specific improvements to renovate and improve University space to the long-term interests of UTA can be made and paid for by the user, or, if the renovations are completed by UTA, the University may consider billing the cost of the improvements to the user as part of their facilities use agreement costs.

On-campus facilities use rates will vary based on quality (including amenities), type (wet lab, dry lab, office) and location of available space, and other direct interests of UTA. Rates, agreements, and UTA direct interests must align. Rates may be adjusted for University related strategic reasons, including:

  • convergence with UTA’s Strategic Plan 2020: Bold Solutions | Global Impact,
  • UTA equity position or technology license or position with the user,
  • facilitating research partnerships and opportunities for UTA faculty, students, or research staff,
  • internship positions for UTA students, or
  • use of paid UTA service/charge centers such as the Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies (SIRT) research centers.

Per Square Foot per Month


$0.80 to $1.10

Standard* quality space and direct alignment with UTA interests

$1.10 to $1.60

Medium** quality space and/or less direct alignment with UTA interests

$1.60 to (unlimited)

High*** quality space and/or indirect alignment with UTA interests

Above discussion and rates are for guidance only. All facilities use and reimbursement agreements, terms and rates will be negotiated and agreed on a case-by-case basis.


* Standard space - general office, phone, internet, computer support

** Medium space - electronics lab, dry lab, power for equipment, compressed air, vacuum

*** High quality space - biology/chemistry lab, wet lab, chemicals and/or BSL, sink, hood, exhaust