Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services
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Kirstin Morningstar, MBA, CIP, CPIA, Director | 817-272-1234

Lisa Greening, MBA, CCRP, CIP, Associate Director | 817-272-1173

Ann Hudson, Coordinator | 817-272-1021

Lisa Alvarez, Specialist
(Specialization: IRB) | 817-272-9329

Sarah Plew, Specialist
(Specialization: IRB) | 817-272-0828

Angela Luna, Specialist
(Specialization: IRB) | 817-272-9305

Renee Franco
, Specialist
(Specialization: IACUC, IBC) | 817-272-2852

Andrew Harris, CIP, CUSECO, Specialist
(Specialization: Export Control) | 817-272-5076

Mekka Steinruck
, Specialist
(Specialization: COI) | 817-272-3722

The Office of Regulatory Services at The University of Texas at Arlington is established to support comprehensive programs of academic research by assuring institutional and investigator compliance with applicable regulations, policies, and industry standards while engaged in regulated research or scholarly activities.  Regulatory Services works to enhance the research enterprise of the University by focusing on outreach and guidance, developing efficient programs to process research activities, and promoting ethical conduct of research.  

The UTA Office of Regulatory Services will provide guidance and assistance to researchers in the following areas:

  • Meeting federal and institutional regulatory requirements for research activities involving human subjectslive vertebrate animals, and recombinant DNA.

  • The process of obtaining applicable research approvals through the Institutional Review Board (IRB – Human Subjects), Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC – Animal Subjects), and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC – recombinant DNA).

  • Identifying and managing situations involving existing or potential conflicts of interest.

  • Developing safeguards and meeting applicable license requirements for export control research activities involving commodities, software, data, or technology with potential military or defense applications subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

  • Making available resources and/or training in the responsible conduct of research as established by the federal Office of Research Integrity (ORI).
  • Assuring investigator commitment to research integrity by responding to allegations of misconduct in research through inquiry and, if necessary, investigation.

Contact the Office of Regulatory Services for assistance or additional information: 817-272-3723 or