Campus Wide Contracts

As Part of Procurement's strategic sourcing mission, we are always looking for contracts that are eligible to be used by the University Community, as well as initiating sourcing events for goods or services to be widely used across various departments on campus. The links below identify many contracts that are in place for a department’s use -  via UT System contracts, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's), or Procurement Service’s initiated efforts.

Procurement Services encourages all departments to utilize these contracts whenever possible. The goal of these agreements is to leverage our group purchasing power and to ensure we are partnering with suppliers that have been evaluated and determined to provide the best overall value to the University based on multiple criteria, not just the "lowest price". This does not mean that every single item available on these agreements is the lowest price available in the marketplace. What it means is that the pricing structure and service level represents a reduced total cost of doing business for the University, and that is the mission of Procurement Services. In addition, use of these contracts in most cases allows for direct purchase of the goods or services without having to engage in a competitive process. Lastly, Procurement Services works diligently to ensure that Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB's) are given every opportunity to participate in our process. You will find many HUB's represented in the agreements below that are valuable University partners.