Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's)

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) are an effective means for the University to secure goods and services. The UT System has implemented a rigorous process of evaluating and approving GPO's for use by all UT institutions. Any of the GPO’s listed below may be used. Using a GPO reduces the procurement cycle time and ensures utilizing partners that have been properly vetted and offer the University favorable pricing.

To more easily locate vendors and/or products and services available via these GPO’s, you can use the search tool below to search by vendor name, products/services offered, or by the specific GPO. Simply click in the filter cell of the column you wish to search and enter the information you are searching. The tool will filter to any matching result.

If you need assistance or cannot access the information you are looking for, please contact your Buyer for assistance.


Currently Approved GPO's

The University of Texas System Supply Chain Alliance

Choice Partners

E & I Cooperative Services (E & I)

Education Service Center Regain 19 Allied State Cooperative


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts - State Procurement (TPASS/ TXMAS)

Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)