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Employee Leave & ADA Services assists both UT Arlington employees and departments in understanding the various paid and unpaid leave programs that the university offers, such as Sick and Vacation Leave, Sick Pool, Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Military Leave and other forms of leave. We also administer Short and Long Term Disability and assist employees in understanding and filing claims for these benefit programs. We strive to be efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous in providing assistance and administering these programs.

Direct Donation of Sick Leave to Qualified Employees Procedure - HR-LA-PR-11

Employee Leave of Absence Without Pay Policy - HR-LA-PO-05

Family & Medical Leave Act Policy - HR-LA-PO-01

Family & Medical Leave Act Procedure - HR-LA-PR-04

Military Leave of Absence Procedure - HR-LA-PR-05

Miscellaneous Leaves of Absence Procedure - HR-LA-PR-06

Parental Leave Procedure - HR-LA-PR-09

Sick Leave Pool Policy - HR-LA-PO-02


Sick Leave Pool Application Form - HR-LA-F1

Sick Leave Pool Contribution Form - HR-LA-F2

Request for Family and Medical Leave Form - HR-LA-F3

FMLA Return to Work Release Form - HR-LA-F4


Benefits eligible employees of The University of Texas at Arlington are eligible to apply to use the sick leave pool if, because of a catastrophic injury or illness, the employee exhausts all leave to which that employee is otherwise entitled and the illness or injury will cause the employee to be placed in a leave without pay status. Refer to Sick Leave Pool: HR-LA-PO-02 for complete details

The sick leave pool provides to an eligible employee the alleviation of the hardship caused to an employee and the employee's immediate family due to a catastrophic illness or injury.

Employees may voluntarily contribute sick leave earned while employed, or at termination or resignation.

Employees of the University are eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid family leave per year for certain family reasons provided they have been employed by the state for at least 12 months prior to the commencement of leave, and worked at least 1250 hours. Employees are required to utilize all accumulated sick, vacation, and compensatory leave, if applicable, when taking leave under the act.

The University will grant unpaid leave for reasons such as birth or placement of a child; serious health conditions of a spouse, child or parent of an employee; or serious health condition of an employee (unable to perform assigned responsibilities). However, an employee will be required to support the leave request with certification from the health care provider. Intermittent leave will be permitted.

Other leaves of absence without pay may be granted to regular employees for a period not to exceed 12 months. A written request should be made to the department head. In granting leaves of this type, the interest of the University must be given first consideration. Subject to fiscal constraints, an employee will be permitted to return to the same or similar position after such leave.

All accumulated vacation leave must be exhausted prior to being placed on leave without pay. In the case of a leave requested due to an illness, all accrued sick leave must be exhausted, as well.

The University of Texas at Arlington provides various types of military leave to employees who are members of the state military forces, the United States Armed Forces reserve components, or the United States Armed Forces as provided by state and federal law.

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