Research Conflict of Interest Forms

RCOI Management Plan

RCOI Management Plan Template

When it is determined that an Investigator has either a real or perceived potential conflict of interest (COI) in research, a Management Plan (MP) will be developed for review and approval by the UTA Research Conflict of Interest Committee (RCOIC). The purpose of the MP is to document the potential RCOI and outline the control measures that will be implemented in order to mitigate or reduce the potential conflict. MPs are evaluated for their effectiveness annually, via the Annual Report Process.

MONITORING Report Process

Investigators with an active MP are required to submit an Monitoring Report (MR).
There are two types of MRs:

Abbreviated Monitoring Report (MR)
The Abbreviated AR is routinely utilized for annual evaluation of active MPs. Investigators will certify to each of their MP control measures and provide a status update.

Standard Monitoring Report (MR)
The Standard MR will be utilized at the discretion of the COI Committee to gather additional information about the status of the outside activity, personnel, UTA research activity, publications, presentations, and oversight. Examples of when the Standard AR may be utilized are higher risk scenarios involving federal funding, IP, human subject research, involvement of other UTA personnel in an Investigator's outside activity, or long-running MPs.