Outstanding Maverick Awards Program

Service Audience:
  • Current Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Faculty

Current UTA Classified and Administrative & Professional staff members who are below Director level are eligible and regular benefits eligible employees (appointed 50% to 100%) who have been employed for a minimum of two years are eligible for nomination. The nominee must have been continuously employed between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2020.  In good standing from their most recent performance evaluation ("meets expectations" or higher). Previous honorees who received an award more than five years ago are also eligible.

Written nomination must reference at least three of the four criteria below.
Diversity  This nominee seeks to foster partnerships with communities that value differences with respect to every individual’s exceptional contribution to society. This individual may play a part in hiring diverse Faculty and Staff. He/she may help provide an environment that ensures unique work and educational experiences through diversity. 
Community Outreach  The individual is committed to at least one of the following areas: public service, community service learning through UTA, and/or partnerships with other North Texas businesses and organizations. In addition, as an ambassador of UTA, he/she may also support and/or assist with public lectures; academic symposia; and artistic, musical, and dramatic productions. 
Sustainability  This nominee is committed to “Going Green” in one or more of the following: environmental stewardship, purchasing, addressing energy and water conservation, transportation, and recycling.
Maverick Excellence  This nominee is someone who projects a positive image, build customer rapport and good will. He/she has the ability to assist the challenging individual without losing the focus of delivering excellent service; someone who find ways to exceed the customers expressed and implied needs and also models excellence when promoting UTA.
Note: If nominating a team, please complete the following in addition to the information provided above: 
This award recognizes unique, distinct, and outstanding contributions of employees working as a team (either within a department or cross-divisionally), beyond normal operations. Here are examples of superb teams:
    • Works effectively as part of a team to successfully accomplish a task or meet a goal advancing departmental goals and/or UTA mission
    • Builds effective collaborative relationships across different groups of departments within the organization to define and solve problems or reach agreements on a course of action while considering multiple perspectives striving to create outstanding projects that contribute to a better UTA
    • Creates a team environment that promotes communication, trust, cooperation and respect for differences, meeting strategic and operational goals through an extraordinary team effort
    • Contributes to a group effort which has a significant impact on departmental goals, fostering cooperation, collaboration, and open communication. Places team goals above personal goals while achieving a distinctive result or product (teams may constitute an entire department, and can be cross-functional).
In support of sustainability, this form is intended for electronic paperless submission.

For questions about the Maverick Award nomination process, eligibility or nomination criteria, or the Outstanding Maverick Award, please contact the Office of Human Resources or 817-272-5554.

Outstanding Maverick Award History (PDF)

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