Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer

The Small Business Innovation Research, or SBIR, and Small Business Technology Transfer, or STTR, programs are Congressionally mandated programs that require eligible government agencies to set aside a portion of their budget to encourage small businesses to engage in R&D that has a high potential for commercialization. The SBIR and STTR programs provide qualified small businesses, including faculty startups, with opportunities to propose innovative R&D projects that meet specific federal needs. Each program requires a highly competitive award process; that is, not all small business applicants receive funds, and those that do get money, must show potential for commercialization.

To apply for these programs, a small business must respond to a federal solicitation with a proposal. The Office of Research Administration and other UTA resources on grant writing, technology transfer can ease the proposal process and increase the chances of winning an award.

For funding agreements dated after May 2, 2019, some rules are different, and the SBA revised Policy Directive combines the SBIR and STTR policies into a single directive.

Small businesses (or “small business concern” or “SBC” in SBIR/STTR language) may also locate research collaborators at The University of Texas at Arlington, UTARIShimadzu SIRT, or other UTA Institutes and Organized Research Centers of Excellence to give each proposal a competitive edge.

Need help finding a UTA researcher to work with on an SBIR or STTR project? Please briefly describe your technology or business need, and email the Small Business Concern Help resource. Someone will be back to you promptly.

We can also help UTA faculty and companies they know to identify solicitations that match their R&D capabilities. We can also guide you to where to get help in writing proposals and reviewing them for technical, financial and business content.

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