Limited Submissions Guidance

A "limited submission" is a Sponsoring Agency's funding opportunity that limits the number of proposals an institution may submit for a particular grant competition. Sponsor guidelines will state how many applications are allowed and will refuse to review any applications from an institution submitting more than the number specified in the guidelines. Therefore, complying with published restrictions is crucial.


Internal Competition:

For limited submissions, the university holds internal preproposal competitions in order to select the proposals that will go forward within the institutional limit set by the sponsoring agency.

Although the internal competition process may change depending upon the guidelines and agency restrictions, typically, the review process will be conducted as follows:

  1. PIs will work with their Grant and Contract Specialist to submit their Limited Submission pre-proposals to and copy their respective Dean's office by midnight of the Internal Deadline.
  2. Pre-proposals will be forwarded to the PIs respective Dean's Office for College ranking.
  3. The Dean's Offices will provide their rankings to the Vice President of Research, a 5 (business) day turnaround is requested.
  4. The Vice President of Research will review the pre-proposals and Dean’s rankings for a final determination.
  5. GCS will notify PIs of the selected/not selected decision.
  6. The Vice President for Research may select other peer review processes or make additional decisions outside of the above described processes when appropriate and necessary to meet institutional goals and priorities. This will be done in advance of the internal competition and in full consultation with the Dean's Offices

Note: After selections are made, additional restrictions and time tables may be set for the selected PI to have full proposals prepared. This is especially important for coordinating limitations/restrictions involving multiple PIs and entities. If these restrictions are not adhered to, an alternate proposal/PI may be substituted at the discretion of the Office of Research Administration/Vice President for Research. Every effort will be made to ensure the university meets the fulfillment of the sponsor limitation with ample time for proposal preparation and review.

Timeline: In most situations, 1.5 to 2 months before the sponsor deadline will be the internal preproposal deadline. Internal rankings and review will take approximately one week with announcements made shortly thereafter.


Limited Submission Schedule:

Sponsoring agencies are continuing to expand the number of limited submission programs in order to better manage their review and selection processes. The following listing of upcoming limited submission programs is neither exclusive nor exhaustive as new programs are developed and existing programs change. If a UTA researcher intends to submit for a limited submission program not on this list, contact the Office of Grant and Contract Services at ogcs@uta.eduto secure authorization to submit on behalf of The University of Texas at Arlington. Every effort will be made to maintain current and accurate information within this list; however, the awarding agency's posted information remains the final authority.

You can also signup to receive notifications of new limited submission opportunities via email. Please visit this website: to signup.

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