Research Conflict of Interest Committee

The Research Conflict of Interest Committee (RCOIC) is charged with oversight of UTA's research conflict of interest management program. It is not the purpose of the RCOIC to hinder research or the entrepreneurial pursuits of the University community. In fact, it is understood that in today's research enterprise, conflicts are inherent. Conflicts frequently arise due to the interaction between employees' personal and/or financial interests, which are often closely tied to their University-based activities, and the opportunity to conduct externally sponsored research. In addition, positive research results often contribute to professional opportunities such as publication, grant renewals, promotion, tenure, etc. These opportunities to receive financial, professional, and/or personal rewards do not necessarily constitute an unacceptable situation. An actual or potential conflict of interest exists when the RCOIC reasonably determines that these potential rewards, financial or otherwise, could affect absolute objectivity in the design, conduct, or publication of research activities, or in other academic and professional decisions.

The key to handling these potential conflicts is full disclosure of the conflicting situation to identify it and allow the situation to be monitored and/or managed. The RCOIC is committed to moving research forward while maintaining research objectivity and integrity. If a conflicting situation arises that will require management, the RCOIC will work in cooperation with the investigator to devise and implement an appropriate plan. In many cases, merely disclosing all the facts of a situation will render it acceptable.