IRB Forms and Templates

If you need more guidance, visit our page on Submitting an IRB Protocol for step-by-step instructions.


All studies submitted to the UTA IRB for review must complete & upload one of the following two application forms:

  1. Initial IRB Application for Primary Research Studies - updated as of July 20, 2023: This IRB Application Form must be used for all studies that will involve "primary research," defined as: the collection of new information or biospecimens from human subjects for research purposes via:
    1. interaction with the individual, which includes any form of interpersonal contact between the investigator(s) and the subject (including over the internet!); and/or
    2. intervention with the individual, which includes both physician procedures by which information or biospecimens are gathered, as well as manipulations of the subject and/or his/her environment.

  2. Initial IRB Application for Secondary Research ONLY - updated as of November 21, 2022: This IRB Application Form is used for studies that will only conduct “secondary research,” defined as: use of private identifiable information or identifiable biospecimens that have been (or will be) collected or generated for non-research purposes, or from research studies other than your current proposed study. 
Updated as of February 27, 2024
Updated as of January 18, 2019
Updated as of February 22, 2021