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IRB Policies and Procedures

UT Arlington IRB Policies and Procedures

All human subjects research conducted and reviewed by the UT Arlington IRB must comply with applicable federal and state laws/regulations and UT Arlington policies and procedures governing the conduct of research. 

The two primary guiding internal documents that govern human subjects research activities at UT Arlington and dictate the operations, purview, and conduct of the UT Arlington IRB are:

  1. UT Arlington’s IRB Policy RA-PO4, Statement of Principles and Policies Regarding Human Subjects in Research, which is part of the UTA Handbook of Operating Policies (HOP) maintained by the Office of Legal Affairs; and

  2. The UT Arlington IRB Standard Operating Procedures, which describe the IRB and IRB Staff's day to day operational processes and are maintained by Regulatory Services.  The newest version of the UTA IRB SOPs was posted on January 5, 2021.

Any questions about these policies or procedures should be directed to