Employee Pre-Emptive Steps in Case of Fraud for Unemployment

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HR Employee Steps for Protection from Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

As some of us are aware, there is a nationwide fraud scheme spreading across the United States.  HR Leadership is affording you the opportunity to take some pre-emptory steps toward protecting yourself should you have a fraudulent unemployment claim filed using your name and social security number.   This document will assist you in taking steps even before a fraudulent claim has been filed using your identity.  

1. Review Credit Report, bank statements and credit card statements for possible acts of fraud. All credit reporting agencies provide for an annual credit report free of charge. You can also advise them to place a fraud hold on your account which is good for one year. The list below provides the contact numbers.

For Live Human Calls


888-548-7878 Press 2


USA Based Chicago


800-493-1058 -- Enter SSN & listen to the prompts


Irish Based


800-916-8800 Press 0


USA Based 

2. Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers free identify theft protection* through Experian to all UTA employees with that coverage. This service is easy to set up. Once an account has been established, log in and select “Identify Protection” in the Quick Links box. The link for this is: https://members.hcsc.net/wps/portal/bam

Should you find that someone has filed a fraudulent claim using your name and social security number there are additional steps you will need to take to protect yourself.  However, those steps cannot be taken until such time as an actual fraud has been perpetrated.

  1. Because the perpetrators of this fraudulent activity are using the same names and social security numbers to file for unemployment in multiple state, should you receive any mail from a state unemployment agency, please read it carefully. Contact either Mary Schmenk or Sharleston Tillery to alert them.  They will work with you to stop the process early on.
  2. HR has drafted a letter that you will need to send to the respective unemployment agency. It is recommended that you send the letter with your SOCIAL SECURITY typed in CERTIFIED mail to the appropriate unemployment office address on the letter.  This will provide you with documentation of when that agency received your notification stating that you did not apply for UI benefits.  This will be important if someone files a bogus claim in your name.
  3. UTA will respond that the claim is fraudulent, but you will need to follow with the letter tailored to you.

*Both Equifax and TransUnion offer similar free services. 

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