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UTA Retirees Club Activities Update!
Retirement has allowed each of us to enjoy more time with friends and family.  COVID-19 has increased our concerns for the health of our families and communities.  After our March 2020 Club Meeting, as President of the Retirees Club, I decided to randomly call twenty members regarding their opinions of how we should move forward.  These members suggested that we pause all club activities because of concerns for health of members and their families.  The pause in club activities was immediate.  We planned September and October meetings this past fall. However, decisions with the assistance of the Office of Human Resources were made and the meetings were cancelled.  Recently, randomly selected members and officers chose to cancel meetings through the Spring 2022.  We now look forward to a getting together for a wonderful celebration at the June 2022 Retiree Banquet!

We appreciate your input as many organizations are facing changes.  In the process of decision making, we always appreciate the wisdom of past members and officers. In 1985, Elwood Preiss, executive assistant to President Wendell Nedderman, called a group of people together to discuss the formation of a UT Arlington Retirees Club. We are grateful for his leadership and friendship to each of us. His thoughts are with all retiree members.  During these unusual times let’s see what happens with this variance to dictate when we should meet again…maybe by the beginning of 2022.

Frank Gault is a past president, a leader, and has been a friend to many retirees for many years.  I have really missed the UTA Retiree’s Club meetings. The pandemic has been a real burden. However, I look forward to the time we can safely get together again and renew my connection with those I have worked with over the years. I know the isolation we have endured has helped us stay healthy, but it also has helped me value the relationships I have had with all you club members. I look forward to the resolution of this pandemic and our meeting together again.

Josie O’Quin …  Retiring from UTA left a void in my life, but I was able to fill it by becoming an active member of our club.  What a pleasure it was to see those I had known for a long time.  We had a lot of fun times together.  Happy to visit with members and share their experiences and mine.  With the pandemic, I have lost that connection except by phone and email.  But I look forward to times when we are able to meet again.
Rita Thompson’s thoughts… During my years as President of the Retirees’ Club, I loved meeting and learning from all the Retirees.  The club meetings gave us a chance to continue learning and maybe gave us a new venture to explore.  Maybe sometime, in the near future, we will be able to regroup and enjoy each other's company again. 

Shirley Theriot … I recalled one wonderful person I met at my first retiree meeting.  Rosanne Minyard, whom I did not know before I became a member.  Rosanne loved the Retirees Club and its goal to continue friendships begun ten, twenty, and sometimes thirty years before.  She was a delight to many of us.  However, after one meeting, she revealed to several of us that she was very ill.  We gladly pitched in to help and to share time with a wonderful friend.  Unfortunately, she passed away. She is a true hero to all of us.

We look forward to continuing future club gatherings!  Your thoughts are always welcomed!

Dr. Shirley R. Theriot
817 781-6941


In 1985, Elwood Preiss, executive assistant to President Wendell Nedderman, called a group of people together to discuss the formation of an organization for UT Arlington retirees. The group included John Gardner, who was named chair of the Steering Committee; Joe Spradlin, who became vice chair/newsletter editor; and members Betty Hamilton, Fred Hunstable and Mary Smith.
Members of the Steering Committee formed several goals for the proposed Retirees Club:

  • Provide retirees with a means to sustain their relationship with the University, renew old friendships and make new ones.
  • Create fellowship opportunities for retirees to play games or gather for conversation.
  • Bring in University administrators to keep retirees informed about new developments and goals of the University.
  • Provide programs for enlightenment and entertainment.

The Steering Committee produced bylaws to govern the club. Officers included President, President-Elect, VP Membership, Secretary, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. In 1988, the office of Games Coordinator was added. In 1989, the office of President-Elect became VP Programs.

In 1999, the Retirees Club formed a Retiree Roll of Honor to recognize the contributions of those club members who filled leadership positions in the club. Currently, 27 members have received this honor.

To further recognize the contributions of UT Arlington Retirees to the university and community, in 2007 the club awarded it's inaugural Distinguished Retiree Service Award to Elwood Preiss, proclaiming the award to now be called the Elwood Preiss Retiree Service Award. Subsequent awards have been issued to Joe Spradlin and Thurman Jasper.

Hello UTA Retirees,

            I recently visited with Dean Maria Martinez-Cosio and she mentioned her college’s Invincible University Project.   After listening and enjoying her enthusiasm, I suggested that all retirees may enjoy hearing about projects in each of our colleges.  Retiree meetings in the past were held on the University Campus; however, due to COVID-19 we have not met since our March 2020 meeting.  

            We are thrilled to host Coffee Chats with the Deans via Microsoft Teams.  Chats will be one hour in length and will be offered to all members and their spouse across the globe this Spring 2022.  The schedule is below. 



Join us for a conversation with our Deans.





2:00 PM CST

Dean Harry Dombroski

College of Business


2:00 PM CST

Dean Peter E. Crouch

College of Engineering


2:00 PM CST

Dean Maria Martinez-Cosio

College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs


2:00 PM CST

Dean Elizabeth Merwin

College of Nursing & Health Innovation


1:00 PM CST

Dean Dan Cavanagh

College of Liberal Arts


9:00 AM CST

Dean Scott Ryan

College of Social Work


2:00 PM CST

Sr. Assoc. Dean Minerva Cordero

College of Science

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