Maintaining "Reports To" in PeopleSoft

In UTShare, a major attribute of the employee’s position is the “Reports To” value. It is important to note the importance of utilizing the “Reports To” field and maintaining the direct supervisory relationship for employee positions in UTShare. This “reports to” field has implications for other processes and systems:

  • Ability to approve reported absences in TimeClock Plus
  • Assignment of performance evaluations to evaluating managers
  • Assignment of "supervisor" training to those who lead or direct the work of other employees
  • Ability to view required training reports for managers and leads

All of the above functions utilize the “Reports To” of the position in UTShare. Direct reporting relationships maintained at the position level in UTShare provide a mechanism for automating these processes and making data more available. This results in a reduction of paper use, time saved from moving paper from one location to another and availability of data that was tracked through replicating and storing data outside the system of record.

Who is the “Reports To”?

To view a listing of employees and their direct "Reports To" position, departments should run the following Departmental Position reports in MARS:

  • All Reports To - This report will provide a departmental listing of employees and their current "Reports To" position and name.
  • Missing Reports To - This report will provide a departmental listing of employees that have a vacant or missing "Reports To" position.

How to Change the “Reports To”

During the department review, should there be a need to change or add a "Reports To", please use the "Modify Position" eForm using the Reports To Change action. Additional information on completing the change is available on the Modify Position Job Aid.